Tape Shows How Jags Disrupted Manning

ColtPower's Ed Thompson spoke to national NFL reporter Adam Caplan about Peyton Manning, the Colts' interest in former Rams QB Jeff Smoker, and the Jaguars and Browns.

National NFL reporter Adam Caplan doesn't believe that Peyton Manning's early showing is going to be representative of what Colts fans will see the rest of the year.

"I think the Colts will rediscover their passing game," said Caplan. "I know some people are concerned about it, but I really wouldn't worry about it."

"Baltimore did what they did last year. They went with more of a physical package and tried to beat up the Colts receivers," he explained. "The Colts are smart, they looked at the film before week one and saw that Deion Sanders is clearly not the player he once was -- he's a stretch for the nickel package. And they did a great job of going after him."

"The Jaguars went with a lot of nickel packages, they tried to go with cloud coverage, and they tried to make the Colts run the ball a little bit more. And they did a good job," he said. "But I think the big story here is when they can win a game and they only score ten points on offense, you have to feel great about it. Because that tells you where the defense is."

Caplan provided ColtPower exclusive information about how Jacksonville was able to succesfully disrupt Peyton Manning more frequently than was expected....why the Colts recently took a look at former Rams quarterback Jeff Smoker.....and his thoughts on Romeo Crennel and the Brown's prospects against the Colts.

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We'll be publishing more audio from this week's interview with Adam Caplan on Saturday morning.

Adam Caplan is a national NFL reporter who can be heard on Sirius NFL Radio and ESPN Radio every week all year. You can also see him on Comcast's "Out of Bounds" show doing NFL reports.

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