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XL Quotes...Powerful Statements!

"Let's face facts about the kind of team the Colts have become. They are not the points-producing machine of a year ago. Now, instead of counting on Peyton Manning's touchdown passes to win games, they find a way to win even when he doesn't have a single scoring throw. And that way is with a methodical, ball-controlling offense and a bend-but-don't-break defense….the formula is not a problem. In fact, the Colts should be able to rely on it while living up to expectations as a likely Super Bowl contender." – Vic Carucci,

"People took last year for granted. It's about winning. Last year, teams were blitzing and playing single-coverage and we were throwing and throwing and throwing. We threw 23 passes today. You have to play each individual Sunday the way it approaches….If teams keep playing us this way, it's going to be like this." – Colts QB Peyton Manning

"We wanted to be physical. We wanted to run inside their pass rushers… We wanted to make a statement." -- Browns RB Reuben Droughns.

"The big thing, the difference between us and them is you don't want those kinds of penalties they had. Those come back to haunt you later in the game. ... When you make a big play, let your play and actions speak for you. Everyone can talk." – Colts safety Bob Sanders

``I thought we'd score three to four touchdowns, I really did. We didn't get any big plays.'' – Browns QB Trent Dilfer

"They blitzed one time and that's when we hit them for (51) yards." – Colts QB Peyton Manning

``It doesn't matter what I think of the call. You can't put yourself in that position (to be penalized).'' – Browns head coach Romeo Crennel when asked about the penalty that nullified Dennis Northcutt's punt return for a touchdown.

"By my imprecise calculations, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is on pace to throw 10.6 touchdown passes this season. But he might reach, say, 15.2 if he gets hot." – Reggie Hayes, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

''You could say we held a high-powered offense to 13 points. Who cares? I'd rather win than have a good game. " – Browns DB Daylon McCutcheon, who intercepted a pass from Manning

"We've got to be able to get the ball in the end zone when we get down there….We can't afford to let teams hang around….That's when you lose games." – Colts WR Brandon Stokley

"I went into the game telling myself they can lay into me with 2-by-4s. I'm not coming out; it's not going to change the way I play. I didn't care if they hit me low or high, or if they hit me every play." – Browns QB Trent Dilfer

"I would make that throw again. When I made the throw, I checked the safety and we had him beat. The corner I wasn't sure about. When you take a chance like that, you'd like to see it be broken up, but you've got to take that chance to send a message to them. It was a throw I'd make again, but if it's not there, you'd like to see it just get broken up." -- Manning on an interception by Browns cornerback Daylon McCutcheon in the second quarter

``Our offense just is not quite on all cylinders. What our offense is doing is making clutch drives….I think we're going to be fine." – Colts head coach Tony Dungy

``I asked the ref if the hit was low and late. He said he was pushed into me. I don't get caught up in that other stuff. If you do, you can lose your focus." – Trent Dilfer

"They were playing conservative on offense, and just taking the clock and waiting on us to make a mistake. We didn't." – Colts RB Edgerrin James

"He hit me in the temple and did a Roy Jones [the boxer] number on me. I was blinking my eyes. I wanted to get up, because you always want to do that after somebody gives you a good shot. But [the trainers] were holding me down." – Browns RB Reuben Droughns talking about Colts safety Mike Doss' hit on him in the third quarter.

"They drafted Braylon Edwards and he's coming around. He's rough around the edges right now because you can read his routes, but give him a few years and he's going to be good." – Colts cornerback Nick Harper

"They're making you throw the ball in front of them and using their speed to make the plays. They're fast." – Browns head coach Romeo Crennel

XL Notes…Essential Information for Colts Fans!

The Colts ran the ball 21 times on first down, passed it 6 times and averaged 5.6 yards.

The Colts offense is averaging 15.6 points per game. Last year they averaged 32.6 points per game, and they've averaged 27.5 over the past three seasons. The defense is allowing a paltry 5.5 points per game.

With his next start, Manning will set a franchise record for most consecutive starts. He's currently tied with former center Ken Mendenhall with 115. Mendenhall played for the Colts from 1971 – 1980.

Trent Dilfer finished the day with a higher quarterback rating than Peyton Manning (95.2 - 89.9).

The Colts sacked Browns quarterback Trent Dilfer four times, playing against an offensive line that had prevented a sack in their first two games.

The Colts defense has allowed just 16 points in the first three games, a franchise record for the start of a season. The 1971 Colts allowed 17 points in their first three contests. If the Colts hold the Titans to ten points or less this week, they'll join the 1962 Packers as the only teams since World War II to keep their first four regular season opponents at or below ten points.

The Colts have won seven straight at home, the longest home winning streak since moving to Indianapolis 21 years ago.

Tampa Bay's Carnell "Cadillac" Williams rushed for 158 yards yesterday, making him the first rookie to rush for over 100 yards in his first three NFL starts. His 434 yards during those games breaks the rookie record for a 3-game start by former Colts running back Alan Ameche (410 yards) back in 1955.

XL Picks of the Day….Read ‘em!

Less flash, but more substance as Colts improve to 3-0
by Reggie Hayes, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

"It's up to you, Colts fans. What's your favorite number now? The two correct choices are three (wins) or zero (losses). Anything else is purely for entertainment purposes."

Stingy start doesn't get Colts excited
By Phillip B. Wilson,

"Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney inspired his cohorts with three first-half sacks. The Browns learned in the second quarter that Freeney could not be blocked by one player. When two blockers didn't work, they used three. ‘I was laughing about it and they were laughing,' Freeney said of the Browns blockers assigned to him."

This team isn't flashy, but it could be super
by Bob Kravitz,

"For years, we've been watching those Arena League games the Colts liked to play, and for years, we've said, ‘Yeah, this is fun, but it won't end well when it's time to play the kind of games they play in January.' "

Freeney continues pressure, reaps benefits
By John Oehser,

"You've got to keep the pedal to the floor all day long," Freeney said. Sometimes, the protection is going to hopefully stumble and you go ahead and make a play."

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