Key Matchup: Reggie Wayne vs "Pac Man" Jones

Titans rookie cornerback Adam "Pac Man" Jones gets his first start this weekend against the dangerous Colts receiver who converted a short pass into a 51-yard gain last weekend. It's a key matchup for the Colts as they head to Tennessee.

Just like Indianapolis, the Titans are in the process of breaking in a 1st-round selection cornerback.

Their methods though are very different.

Indianapolis is developing Marlin Jackson as the slot corner, easing him into anchoring one of the starting cornerback positions. By contrast, Tennessee prefers to keep Adam "Pac Man" Jones on the outside as a part-time player, gradually increasing his number of snaps as he shows the ability to handle the position.

On Sunday, Jones makes his first professional start. Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is still not convinced he is ready to play every down, so they will rotate him and right cornerback Tony Beckham.

Jones' assignment this weekend will be Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne. And Wayne will be a great test for the rookie. He has soft hands, is a solid route runner, and gets in and out of cuts well. Wayne also uses solid play speed to make plays and add yards after the catch. After catching a pass on a quick slant or out, he can add yards about as well as any receiver in the league. He knows how to work the middle and use the sideline to his advantage. And he's not afraid to get physical and mix it up with an opposing corner. Often referred to as the toughest of the Colts receiving trio. He plays bigger than his 6-1, 200 pound frame and will use his body to get separation.

Coming out of college, the biggest knock on Jones was his 5-10 height. That did not, however, stop Tennessee from drafting him number six overall.

Jones is a confident corner who plays bigger than his size. He will not hesitate to get physical with receivers and holds up well for his size in press coverage. He has fluid hips, outstanding change-of-direction ability and speed. He knows how to use his vision to diagnose plays. He mirrors quicker receivers on double moves well and shows excellent body control and balance. However, he needs to watch being overly aggressive -- especially against a skilled wideout with a reputation for big yards after the catch like Reggie Wayne.

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