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XL Quotes...Powerful Statements!

"Today they just blew us out of the water. When we didn't come out in the second half and put points on the board right away, it was pretty much over." Titans center Justin Hartwig.

"Guys are realizing what Coach Dungy wants out of his defense. We've got physical and aggressive guys … guys who can tackle, guys who can cover and do the right things. You have proper alignment, you're using the correct technique. It's being a student of the game and playing smart." -- Colts safety Bob Sanders

"If you buy into the premise that the Colts are the standard for our division, then you will also understand that we are not quite there yet." -- Titans head coach Jeff Fisher 

"We felt we'd get some chances to throw some one-on-ones. We knew Tennessee would come after us more than other teams had. When we get those chances, we have plenty of guys who can execute and make things happen." -- Colts head coach Tony Dungy

"I talked to the referee right after half time and he said that he was contacted right before he had control of the ball, and once he had control of the ball the ball came up. He said if the ball had hit the ground it would have been incomplete but, who knows if we get that ball there and score and go into half-time. Who knows the outcome of the game? They made the call and we have to deal with it." -- Titans quarterback Steve McNair on the instant replay that ruled that Bob Sanders intercepted a pass bobbled by Drew Bennett. 

"They play a little different type of style. Not everybody is content to play a slow-death type of defense and drop eight guys." -- Colts head coach Tony Dungy

"They were simulating the snap count. They knew it, but I guess the officials didn't hear them. It ‘s illegal to simulate the snap count. They're pretty familiar with us and they know what our cadence sounds like and sometimes they were out there barking it out. I guess any edge you can try and get, you'll use it."-- Titans offensive tackle Brad Hopkins

""I can probably appreciate this more than some other guys. I was here when it was really bad. To see us play like this, and to see (Mike) Doss and Bob Sanders hit people, it's a great thing to see." -- Colts cornerback Nick Harper on the Colts defense

"I hit the receiver clean and walked away. Then he walked up to me and hit me and I knocked his hand away. I didn't think at first I was taunting. When he put his elbow on me, I told him he was weak. I guess that's what the ref heard. I've never heard anyone say you can't talk in the NFL. I guess I taunted him. I'll suck it up and learn from my lesson. I learn from my mistakes, so I'll know what to do in the next situation." -- Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones on being flagged for taunting

"What hits me is that it is still early in both of our careers. You never know where it will be when we are done. The main focus is that we can stay together and win football games. Hopefully we can put a lot of wins and hopefully some championships." -- Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison on being part of the greatest passing combination in the history of the NFL
"The thing about it when you catch the ball they are just around you so quick. They have great overall speed on defense." -- Titans quarterback Steve McNair 

"We're better than that. There's room for improvement." -- Colts defensive end Robert Mathis on surrendering a late touchdown to the Titans

"What can I say about it? I need to catch that ball. It was a big momentum swing and we needed that play." -- Titans wide receiver Drew Bennett

"Peyton puts the ball on point and it's there. The ball is there when he throws. It was hard to get in the game too much. Every time you touch them (Colts receivers) it's a flag. I've really got a lot of learning to do. I just have to work harder." -- Titans cornerback Adam "Pac Man" Jones 

"The two touchdown passes to Reggie and Marvin … I gotta tell you, you won't see a better throw and catch for a while. Great routes, good throws, but outstanding catches. They had pretty good coverage on both of them. Like Dan Marino says, you can't defend a perfect throw." -- Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

"You couldn't stop them at times and that is a tribute to Peyton...You give him any looks (defensively) more than two or three times and it's going to be a touchdown. He's going to make you pay." -- Titans LB Peter Sirmon on Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

"With a receiver like Reggie it doesn't matter who is covering him, though. He is going to get open. I wasn't trying to pick on a rookie, I was just trying to get the ball to the right guy.'' -- Colts quarterback Peyton Manning 

"Definitely a surprise.  I was looking forward to them coming out in three receivers. I think they almost do it like 90 percent of the time, and they hardly came out there. It threw a little wrench in our game plan a little bit." -- Titans nickel back Michael Waddell

"We messed up. We were not in the correct defense and we didn't line up the right way." -- Colts safety Bob Sanders on the touchdown play by the Titans

XL Notes…Essential Information for Colts Fans!

Bob Sanders bruised a thigh and linebacker Keith O'Neil suffered a hip pointer, but both stayed in the game. Tony Dungy reported no other injuries to players following the game.

The Colts are 4-0 for the second time in three seasons. They won the AFC South and made it to the AFC Championship game when they started 4-0 in the 2003 season.

After four weeks, the Colts and the Bengals are the only undefeated teams in the AFC. The Redskins and Buccaneers have the only unblemished records in the NFC. With the win, the Colts also denied Titans head coach Jeff Fisher of his 100th career win as a head coach for at least another week.

The Colts defense hasn't allowed a 100-yard rusher yet this season. The Jaguars' Fred Taylor came the closest with 81 yards in week two.

Edgerrin James has rushed for at least 88 yards in every game so far this season. His touchdown catch was his first since October 27, 2002 against the Redskins.

Marvin Harrison joined Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, Tim Brown and Cris Carter as the only players in NFL history to catch 100 touchdown passes. Harrison caught two yesterday to put him at 101 for his career. On the second touchdown catch, Harrison and Manning tied former 49ers Steve Young and Jerry Rice for the most touchdown passes for a quarterback-wide receiver tandem with 85 to date. Harrison also logged his 48th career 100-yard receiving game, extending his team record.

The Colts converted seven out of ten third-down opportunities against the Titans.

The Colts defense hasn't allowed a touchdown during the first 55 minutes of play in any game this season. They've allowed just two overall in four games, and a grand total of just 26 points during that span. It's the lowest point total allowed by a Colts team over the first four games of a season since 1971 and the lowest over any four-game stretch since later in the season for that same 1971 team.

Robert Mathis is now tied for the team lead in sacks with Dwight Freeney after getting his third of the season against Tennessee. The Colts now have 15 sacks for the season, which puts them on pace for 60 for the season.

Bob Sander's interception was the first forced turnover since week one when the Colts forced three against the Ravens. 

Peyton Manning tied a record set by Bert Jones in 1974 for most consecutive complete passes. He completed 17 in a row by opening the game with 5 completions paired up with 12 consecutive passes to finish the game against Cleveland. Manning also tied former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski for second place with his 116th consecutive career start. He now only trails Green Bay's Brett Favre.

The Colts are 19-7 on the road during the Tony Dungy era.

XL Picks of the Day….Read ‘em!

So, what are we all supposed to complain about now?
by Bob Kravitz,

"If this defense hasn't turned your head by now, you might consider a chiropractor. This group has reached the point where, on that late Tennessee drive with the game out of reach, players were treating it like it was Tom Brady leading a two-minute drill in the AFC title game."

Four Downs
By David Climer,

"Remember when the Coliseum was known as the loudest stadium in the NFL? Boy, do you have a good memory."

Defense allows late TD to miss out on milestone
By Phillip B. Wilson,

"Defensive end Robert Mathis, a model of consistency with a sack in each of the four games, said the 'get better' mantra won't change unless the Colts get to the Super Bowl."

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