Welcome BACK to ColtPower!

We're making some important changes at ColtPower. Please take a moment to read about them!

Welcome BACK to ColtPower!

In April, ColtPower ushered in a new era when we moved to the Scout.com network. And lots of exciting things have happened during that stretch as our forum family grew and our writers contributed over 200 articles for our fans' enjoyment. We've been working hard to make ColtPower the complete fan experience for Colts fans and we are getting closer, living up to the pledge I made five months ago:

"Analysis, commentary, entertainment, round-the-clock news updates, team information, resources, league-wide articles, Associated Press and Getty Images photos, and a variety of message board options to serve 'The Greatest Fans.' "

Although I'm thrilled with the progress we've made in the area of content -- and with the resources and contacts that this great network provides -- there's one aspect of our new home that has not sat well with me. I tried putting our fan forum community into the model that is fairly standard and that has worked for many other sites at the network; a model where two forums of fans -- who are united in their passion for a team -- are divided in conversation by whether or not they are paying for premium access to the site.

I looked back at my original article here and these words jumped off the page at me:

"At the core of ColtPower's success is the group of fans that I have always referred to as "The Greatest Fans" for it is through their participation that our community has grown over the past five years. They've gotten to know each other so well, and yet continue to greet every new fan with open arms. They've organized the "ColtPower Tailgaters" prior to each home game so that they could get to know each other up close and personal rather than just through cyberspace. And this site will continue to be about them....and for them."

Well, although we are doing great at breaking news stories and providing terrific content, I think we can do a LOT better in that area than we've been doing over the past five months. You know what? The old model for our fan community at ColtPower worked just fine, thank you very much.

So this week you are going to see some changes that will take ColtPower's fan community back to our roots.

1. There will be ONE ColtPower Fan Forum just like at the old site. This is where all members of our community -- and guests -- will post about the team we love.

2. Our writers, who were restricted to posting only in the Premium Members Forum, will be hanging out with everyone in the free ColtPower Fan Forum.

3. Our tailgating section will return complete with photos and directions.

4. Our fan photo gallery will return. And we're adding a new twist to make ColtPower's fan forum even more personal. If I have access to a picture of a fan, I'll not only load it up in our new gallery, I'll attach it to their forum profile so it appears when they post just like mine does and the many of the moderators. Our forum will be filled with the smiling faces of our family of fans.

5. The Premium Members' Forum will be replaced with the ColtPower Sportswriters' Blog -- a read-only forum with a daily thread in which the writers will provide short blurbs of information, share some opinions or thoughts, and provide brief updates on what they are up to. It will be additional content for our premium members to enjoy. Within the next couple of weeks, I'll open that Blog area up for a few days so that everyone can check it out and see what kind of information is available from our writers in there.

6. Premium membership will no longer have anything to do with the type of fan forum you visit. It will simply be about the amount and type of CONTENT you want to enjoy at ColtPower. You should buy a Premium Membership if:

  • You want to read all the articles and analysis our very talented staff of writers (who are paid for their work) provide for your enjoyment, or....
  • You simply want to ensure that this site is around for your enjoyment for a long time to come because you believe that what we are providing is valuable to you and perhaps to other Colts fans. Bottom line, if we're enhancing your Colts fan experience, that's the best reason to show your support and become a Premium Member.

I'm going to be busy over the next week keeping everything rolling and making these changes. But don't hesitate to drop me a note in the forum or through the "contact us" link on the home page if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Thanks for your patience while we get this part of our fan experience back where it belongs.

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