Key Matchup: Montae Reagor vs Justin Smiley

We're inching closer to another game day, so it's time to take a look at one of the key matchups that could impact the outcome of the game on Sunday.

Colts defensive tackle Montae Reagor is at his best on stunts and twists where he has the opportunity to use his agility and quick hands. He has explosive first-step quickness and uses that well to get off the ball and shoot gaps to disrupt the run.

He has flourished in Tony Dungy's "speed over size" system, where he can use his quickness to create havoc. Montae also knows how to use his compact frame to place himself under an opposing lineman's arm to get leverage.

But his instincts are lacking from time to time. He can be fooled by misdirection and will struggle at times to find the ball. He also needs to keep improving his ability to get on the edges, because he still runs right down the middle of the offensive guard too often.

Forty-Niners left guard Justin Smiley is aggressive coming off the ball, shows excellent pop, and has a good first step. His feet are an asset. He has good initial foot quickness and shows solid running ability on pulls.

Smiley does a good job of getting to the second level and hitting linebackers. He also excels at picking up twists and stunts in the middle. This is something that will come in handy against a guy like Reagor.

More of a technician than a mauler, he just doesn't have the strength to move the pile and he is not going to knock opposing linemen off the ball. But he's a good position blocker. He just won't ever be a top drive blocker.

Smiley will want to use his initial pop and footwork to negate Reagor's quick first step and his ability to shoot gaps and disrupt. But rookie quarterback Alex Smith will have to be careful not to hold the ball too long; because Smiley will get pushed back into the quarterback if forced to hold his block too long.

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