CP Interview: Hagler's Ready for Action

Fifth-round draft pick Tyjuan Hagler has been on the Colts' PUP list since training camp. But after week six, he's elibible to be activated. ColtPower checked in with the talented linebacker for an update on his status.

ColtPower: Tyjuan, bring us up to date on how your injury occurred and what you've gone through the past few months to recover and get back in shape.

Tyjuan Hagler: My injury occurred when I was in college, about a year and a half to two years ago, actually. I've just been playing through the last two college seasons with a groin injury that I was told was just a groin pull. And when I got here they told me it was actually a sports hernia injury, so I had to go in and have the surgery to get that taken care of.

A lot of abs work is what they mainly had me doing…and running on the treadmill. The strength and conditioning coaches and trainers have been doing a wonderful job. It was hard getting back in shape and gaining back all the strength that I lost. It was a tough process, but I got through  it. 

I feel stronger than I did before the surgery. It's my first time running in two years without pain. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to be here, to get that taken care of, and get back on the field.

CP: What have the Colts told you about getting you activated and out there on the field for your NFL debut?

Tyjuan: I haven't heard too much lately. All I know is that they told me to be ready after the sixth week of the season. I can be activated whenever they need me after that. So I'm just waiting now and praying that it's sometime soon. I just need to get out on that field and play. It's hard just sitting out and watching. I've just never been part of sitting out and watching a sport. When I'm on the sidelines it's just weird….really. I'm very eager to get out there and play.

CP: You played outside linebacker at the University of Cincinnati, but back on draft day many were projecting that you would be competing at the middle linebacker position. Is that what you've been preparing for? Or one of the outside linebacker positions?

Tyjuan: I've been preparing for the middle linebacker position. I know a lot of it right now. I'm physically and mentally ready for it, I know the calls, I know pretty much everything on paper. Now it's just the fact of getting out there and playing. 

CP: The Colts defense is playing outstanding football right now. What do you feel you bring to the team that makes you a good match for this defense?

Tyjuan:  I'm a very physical player and I'm a very fast player. And I can cover kicks as well, so I can help out on both defense and special teams. I think I'll be a great match for this team.

CP: What are some of the biggest differences in playing linebacker in Tony Dungy's scheme versus what you did at Cincinnati?

Tyjuan: The biggest difference is in reading the quarterback. In college we dropped off of what the receivers, tight ends and running backs were doing. You really don't pay much attention to them in Tony's defense.  It's a big difference, and I've caught onto it. Now I've just got to get out there and show them what I can do.

CP: What would you like Colt fans to know about Tyjuan Hagler the person, not the football player?

Tyjuan:  Basically I'm a nice and humble guy. I'm kind of a quiet guy, I don't say too much. I'm a family man. I don't really go out too much, so you probably won't see me that often out in public, because I'm always at home. I'm a homebody and basically just a nice guy. 

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