ColtPower Q&A: Safety Gerome Sapp

Gerome Sapp fills you in on his recent knee problem and what this past week was like as the Colts prepared for the Rams. And don't miss his answers to two questions about the Colts' special teams in our exclusive audio!

ColtPower: You were listed as "probable" with a knee injury last week. What happened? And how are you doing?

Gerome Sapp: A couple of weeks ago I fell on my knee, and I think I bruised my kneecap – some of the cartilage under the kneecap. But it really wasn't a problem. I knew I was playing all along. My knee is fine, it was just a little sore and I was treating it. But it's one hundred percent now.

CP: After the 49ers' game, Edgerrin James made the comment that it would probably be real quiet in the offense's meeting room, and real noisy in the defense's meeting room this week based on each unit's performance. Was he right?

Gerome: Well I'm not sure what took place in the offense's meeting room, but I know in the defense's meeting room we had a good time. There were a lot of things we needed to correct though, so it wasn't like we were all about laughs and giggles and everything. We know we played well in certain areas, but we know we played poorly in certain areas. We definitely had a good time with watching ourselves play well, guys flying around, and just playing Colts football. So there were times it was loud in our room, but there were also a lot of corrections being made.

CP: What were the main areas you were focusing on in regards to corrections?

Gerome: When you have a defense like ours that flies don't always wrap up and tackle properly. So this week we had a lot of emphasis on tackling. You know, we'll hit you; our coaches don't worry much about our physicalness and delivering blows. But you can't be doing it without wrapping up and bringing guys down. It's nothing that they're real concerned about, and it's nothing that we're real concerned about. It's just taking it to that next level which we want to do. To do that, we have to do everything properly. And the way to do that [tackling] properly is to wrap up and take guys down -- and continue to fly around like we're doing and don't let up on that.

CP: Bob Sanders is hoping to play despite an upper arm injury. Joe Jefferson is still listed as doubtful. If they can't go, will you get the start against the Rams?

Gerome: I hope so. You've got Dexter Reid in the picture now. We've been splitting reps in practice, so I'm really not sure. We all prepare like we are going to play, so the person who ends up going in there is going to be well-prepared.

CP: Mike Doss stumbled towards the end of practice on Friday. How bad was that? Was he down for a while, did he just come up a bit gimpy?

Gerome: I think it just scared him more than anything. Anytime you go up and come down and something doesn't feel normal, it can scare you a bit...He's a strong, tough guy so I know he's not going to let something like that make him sit out.

CP: The Rams undoubtedly have the most talented group of receivers the Colts secondary has faced so far. What was it like preparing for them this week?

Gerome: Essentially deep balls. They're going to try to get the ball down the field on you as quick as possible. We just have to do what we've been taught to do. We're so fundamentally sound, we definitely have athleticism to hang with any receiving corps in the league. I think if we stay mentally sharp and stick to the techniques we've been drilled on, then we'll be fine. This definitely is the biggest test for us in I don't know how long, but I think it will be a good test -- and a needed test, too.

Gerome talks about his work on special teams in this exlusive audio clip for our Premium Members!

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