James Just Doing His Job

With three touchdowns and 143 yards rushing under his belt on Monday night, it was time for Edgerrin James to head home and rest up. He has another game to get ready for, you see.

He has a higher career percentage of 100+ yards game than anyone else in the history of football.

He's second in the league in rushing yards (662), and has 164 yards receiving to boot.

And he's currently boasting a career-high 4.7 yards per carry for a season..

But to Edgerrin James, it's just another day at the office.

"For me, it's a long season, so I just try to [get home] as soon as the game's over, so I can come back ready for the next game," said the Colts' running back after Monday night's 45-28 win over the Rams.

Game over. Time to move on. Another game to be played. 

That's the view from Edgerrin James' corner of the world.

"Everybody knows me – I just come to work, do my job, and now I'm ready to go home," he said. "So it was cool, it was alright. I didn't get banged up, so I'm alright. 

"We have a short week, so we'll get ready for the next team."

James' temperate attitude towards the game is increasingly mirroring that of one his Triplets brethren -- wide receiver Marvin Harrison. Both are soft-spoken, pinpoint-focused like a laser light, and couldn't be less interested in seeking out the media spotlight. 

Asked whether or not playing on Monday night adds to the excitement of the game, he replied, "No, actually Monday night takes away from your rest."

Practical. Pragmatic. Keep the rhythm and routine going. Everything else is a potential disruption. 

But don't confuse James' attitude with a complacency or resignation of just plodding through a season while playing out a one-year contract. When one game is done, it's simply time to take the next step towards the ultimate prize that has eluded the Colts for the past few seasons. He's simply taking care of business, one week at a time. In four of his last five games he's rushed for over 100 yards. He has yet to rush for less than 88 yards in a game this season. 

The emotion is there. The fire is there. It's just inside.

Ask him what made him happy about the offensive showing against the Rams, and he'll tell you it was that the Colts stayed cool under the pressure of a quick 17-0 deficit -- and stuck to their routine of presenting a balanced attack.

"That was something we probably didn't do in the past," he said. "When we were down, we weren't running the ball, but now, we're running the ball good. We kept our composure and just played Colts' football."

And that, along with other experiences early in this season will serve the Colts well if you agree with James' take on it.  

"We've been in a lot of different situations and so down the road it shows that if we do get in a hole we can keep our composure, and say 'Remember the St. Louis game,' and if we play in a close game say 'Remember the Baltimore game,' " he said.  "We have examples that everybody can look at from this season, not something from the past, not somebody else saying, ‘Ok, this is what we've done before.' This is another thing that's going to help us down the road."

One step at a time.

On to the next game.

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