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Houston looking for an edge...any edge

Texans owner Bob McNair told the media that the roof at Reliant Stadium will be closed on Sunday so the fan noise can be maximized. The hope is that it'll make it more difficult for the Colts offense to call plays at the line. Since the Texans aren't likely to make much noise of their own in this contest, the roof strategy is probably a good idea.

Aikman's Formula

Troy Aikman at FoxSports sees beyond the basic NFL rankings of teams based on yardage. In his rankings, he has the Colts defense as the third most efficient and their offense as the fourth most efficient. Check out his completed list here. I don't know about you, but any ranking that puts the Colts higher on the list gains instant credibility with me. So show Troy some love next time you get a chance. (If you're viewing our story through a news portal, visit us at to see the version of the story with the links activated.

Thornton's hit hurts Rams -- and maybe the Colts

Not only did David Thornton's hit on Marc Bulger knock him out of the game Monday night, he's now likely to miss the next two games. They play the Saints this week (who cares) but they take on the Jaguars after that. Sure would be nice if Bulger could shake it off by then.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Rams head coach Joe Vitt called Thornton's hit "clean" and said, "Marc's trying to make a play. Marc's trying to make a tackle." Vitt's a smart guy. Now he just has to find a way to explain to Bulger that smart quarterbacks don't get in the way of rampaging linebackers who would like nothing more than to knock you into next week for pretending that you can make a tackle.

Blowout projections start rolling in

Vinnie Iyer at the Sporting News has gone on record with a 41-17 projection for the Colts-Texans game. "Edgerrin James will take the road well traveled by Alexander last week, and after getting worked over by Orlando Pace, Dwight Freeney will find the David Carr chase to be a much easier pursuit," says Iyer.

You have to wonder if the thought has crossed the minds of at least a few of the starters to ask if they could begin their bye week at halftime so they can get a jump on traffic.

Bruschi's Return

Speaking of projections, the current one on Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi's return to live action is -- of course -- November 7th versus the Colts. Amazing coincidence, eh? I just hope for Bruschi's sake his specialists are right about this not putting him in any danger. After his stroke, he was so bad off he reportedly had to learn how to walk again.

The guy plays all-out which I truly respect. And while I'm not a doctor -- and don't even play one on TV -- I hate to see him out there. And that sentiment doesn't have a thing to do with how his presence on the field might or might not impact the game.


Two Colts lead the NFL in important statistical categories after the first six weeks. Linebacker Cato June leads the league with 5 interceptions while defensive end Robert Mathis is tops in sacks with 7. To steal a phrase from ColtPower Sportswriter Tony Clifton -- "Neat".

Former Colt Update

Defensive end Nick Rogers, who was cut by the Colts during training camp, has been signed by the Miami Dolphins. Over the past three years, he's started 16 of 43 games and has been credited with 85 tackles, two sacks and four forced fumbles. But that's primarily a result of a solid rookie year with Minnesota. Ever since, he just hasn't been able to find his groove.


Not only are the Texans 0-5 as they get ready to host the Colts this weekend, they are 0-6 against the Colts all-time. Maybe they'll cooperate and follow that up with a score of 0-55.

I just think it's a darn shame they've had a bye so they couldn't come in 0-6 on both fronts. Sheeesh, can't these guys do anything right?

Quote of the Day

"Got to admire the Indianapolis Colts for making their games interesting by spotting the other team 17 points -- and still winning by 17. Clean." -- Sportswriter Jerry Greene, Orlando Sentinel

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