Friday's ColtPower News Blitz

Game predictions, hilarious comments, numbers and trends, injury updates and one wise guy who dares to say Manning and Harrison's record is irrelevant! All this and more in Friday's CP News Blitz!

Play 'em

Even if you don't play Fantasy Football, you've got to enjoy this line from Fantasy Writer Tim Eisenhut's column this week. As he provides his weekly recommendations on who to include in your lineup if you're a fantasy owner, Tim says, "For the Colts, Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Edgerrin James, Mike Vanderjagt, Dallas Clark, Colts DST, and the bus driver."

You can read Tim's column by clicking here, but not until you've finished reading MY article, got it? Oh, and if you're reading this article through a news portal, come visit us at to get the version of our article that has the active links.

Game Predictions

It's always fun to see who sportswriters pick to win each week. And while I've yet to see anyone picking the Texans, some pretty funny comments are popping up with this week's Colts-Texans predictions. I particularly like this one by Cam Inman at the Contra Costa Times, even though I think his 28-0 score prediction is ridiculously low. He says, "The Colts improve to 7-0 for the first time in their history, their defense posts a shutout for the first time since 1997 and their mailbox receives the first of many threatening letters from the 1972 Miami Dolphins."

Good thing champagne improves with age. The '72 Dolphins, who have a tradition of popping a cork each year when the last unbeaten team takes it on the chin, should have to wait -- at bare minimum -- a couple of more weeks to have a shot at popping a cork. Chuck Delsman at the Lake Country Reporter was even more blunt. "The Colts are very good, and the Texans stink. How easy does it get. Houston has absolutely no chance of winning, not even an NFL chance. Colts 31, Houston 14."

Jerry Magee at the San Diego Tribune matter-of-factly points out, "If Houston does win a game, it won't be this one." And Jim Lazar at the Boston Herald was just as brutal saying, "Take 11 guys off a street corner in Southie and they walk all over the Texans. Colts, 31-10." 

A little glimmer of light

Two bright spots for the Texans have been kicker Kris Brown, who has hit all six field goal attempts within 50 yards, and their red zone performance. They've scored a touchdown on five out of seven trips into the red zone (fifth-best percentage in the AFC). 

Now if they could only find a way to get the ball past the opponent's 33-yard line more often, they'd be all set.

Impressive numbers

Tony Dungy goes for career victory 100 this week, just a week or so after turning 50 years old and getting his AARP solicitation. And he's the only active NFL coach who has at least one victory against all 32 teams. "Tony set standards for controlling the ball, for what we needed to do on offense and defense, and how we should play every game," said Colts center Jeff Saturday.

The Colts are looking to start 7-0 for the first time in franchise history this weekend. And defensive end Robert Mathis will be looking to set a franchise record for most consecutive games with a sack by adding one in Houston. He's currently tied at 7 with former Colt Dan Footman (1997).

Who dat?

Sports editor Mike Beas at the Anderson Herald Bulletin isn't very impressed by Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison's record-breaking 86 touchdowns. In fact, he tells you to ignore the stat because "Young and Rice are numero uno. Period." Click here to read why he believes his opinion is fact. Oh, and when you're done, there's a feature where you can "add a comment" for him about his article that will show up right below his story. Won't that come in handy?

Injury list evasiveness

Dave Goldberg of the AP has an article up on the NFL's increased vigilance on making sure injured players show up on the team's injury reports as accurately as possible. He notes that the Colts' Bill Polian got a call from the league office asking for more specifics when they listed safety Bob Sanders' injury as an "arm" problem. And the league now requires practices to be taped and for teams to note if a player practiced each day, Wednesday through Friday. As you'll see in the article though, that doesn't stop all the shenanigans by some coaches. Oh, and here's yesterday's report for both teams. Cornerback Nick Harper of the Colts and safety Glenn Earl were added to the list on Thursday. Players with an asterisk missed at least a portion of their team's 11-on-11 drills on Thursday:

Colts: DOUBTFUL: LB Keith O'Neil (shoulder)*. QUESTIONABLE: DT Vincent Burns (knee); S Joseph Jefferson (toe); LB Cato June (groin/knee)*; DE Robert Mathis (toe)*; RB James Mungro (knee); DT Larry Tripplett (ankle)*. PROBABLE: LB Gary Brackett (concussion); DE Dwight Freeney (foot)*; LB Gilbert Gardner (ankle); CB Nick Harper (knee)*; G Ryan Lilja (neck); DT Montae Reagor (elbow)*; S Bob Sanders (upper arm); G Jake Scott (knee).

Texans: OUT: LB Jason Babin (shoulder)*; DE Gary Walker (shoulder)*; G Zach Wiegert (ankle)*. QUESTIONABLE: S C.C. Brown (knee); S Glenn Earl (elbow)*; WR Andre Johnson (knee)*; S Jason Simmons (knee).

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