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Release the hounds! Indy's sack attack is heading to Houston! Premium members, get additional info on this weekend's game, more numbers and trends, updates on former Colts personnel, and much more in Friday's Premium ColtPower News Blitz.

Release the hounds!

Indy's pass rush, which has accounted for 20 of the team's 21 sacks on the season, faces the NFL's worst pass protection offensive line. Rumor has it that the Texans' offensive linemen will carry a supply of band-aids for David Carr this weekend and have chipped in for a spa treatment for him next week to help him recover from the highly anticipated punishment he's expected to face. In case you were wondering, the NFL record for sacks in a single game is held by four teams that whacked their opposing quarterback 12 -- yes I said 12 -- times.

Last weekend, the Texans allowed the Seahawks to sack Carr three times -- which was their best protection result of the season. Through just five games, they are averaging 6 sacks allowed per game (30). Carr's been sacked as many times in six games as Manning has been over his last thirty games -- dating back to the mid-point of the 2003 season. Defensive end Dwight Freeney has eleven multiple-sack games -- three of them against the Texans. "I've met him numerous times," Texans quarterback David Carr said with a bit of sarcasm. "Dwight and I go way back." Check out this article at the Houston Chronicle for more on the sack attack and Carr's other comments on Freeney.

This bark was worse than it's bite

Mike Chappell at the Indianapolis Star points out that the much ballyhooed and animated lecturing by quarterback Peyton Manning on Monday night towards his offensive line won't have any lingering effects. In fact, the Colts are quite proud of the fact that they can openly communicate and move on from the exchange. "It happens a little more than people normally think,'' head coach Tony Dungy said. Manning agreed, "One thing I'll say about our team is, we communicate very openly and we always get it settled right there....There is never any carryover whatsoever.''

Former Colt can't help Patriots

Speculation out of New England last weekend was that cornerback Tyrone Poole might be back in time to help New England's shaky secondary by the time they played the Colts on November 7th. Not anymore.

Last weekend he was walking around the Patriots locker room. On Thursday, he was on crutches and was wearing a cast on his right foot. Poole and the Patriots wouldn't talk about the situation outside of a casual comment by Poole that he had suffered "a setback." The new speculation is that the 33-year old corner might not see action until December -- if at all this season.

Trouble, trouble, trouble...

How's this for an interesting contrast? The Texans have scored just 54 points in five games (10.1 average) while the Colts defense has surrendered just 57 in six games (9.5 average). They've also been outscored 80-19 in the first half of their games this season and haven't scored at all in the first quarter. And after watching Seahawks running back Shawn Alexander roll over the Houston defense for 320 yards last Sunday, rumor has it that Edgerrin James is packing extra shoes in case he wears out his first pair by halftime. 

The fine citizens of Houston should plan on striking up a chorus outside Reliant Stadium during their tailgating, modifying that classic line from the musical "The Music Man" as they shout out, "Welllllllllllllllll, we got trouble my friends, right here, I say trouble right here in Houston City...." 

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Not so magnificent seven

The Colts will have a much easier time running the ball than usual against Houston as the Texans will be missing three of their usual starters. LDE Gary Walker and LOLB Jason Babin have missed the past three games because of shoulder injuries and LILB Kailee Wong suffered a season-ending knee injury last week. 

Bad karma

Note to NFL owners: Stay away from former Colts assistant and interim head coach Rick Venturi's coach unless you're interested in moving your team to another city.

Venturi, the Saints' defensive coordinator who is in his tenth season with the club, had to face his third team relocation when the Saints were forced to head to San Antonio due to Hurricane Katrina. Venturi was a Colts assistant in 1982 and moved with the team to Indianapolis in 1984. He took over the reigns as interim head coach for 11 games in 1991 after Ron Meyer was fired. Ironically, he did the same in New Orleans for eight games when head coach Jim Mora resigned. In between, he was an assistant with the Browns and was with the team when they decided to relocate to Baltimore. Venturi didn't make that trip, opting for a position with the Saints in 1996. 


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