Like a Box of Chocolates

Another week, another Colts win to savour. And another great team effort, albeit after a somewhat rocky (somewhat rocky, like the Andes Mountains are somewhat rocky!) beginning....

...Cato is officially a sidekick no more. His game versus the Rams earned him lead super-hero status and his own comic strip. All his great plays have been already discussed, but did anyone see him lay the smack down on that onside kick?!

Speaking of which, I am glad to see a number of people voicing out about the dangers of that play. I don't know if stats are kept on it, but I think we see more of those attempts than anybody, and they really are, as Wild Bill Polian commented, a spinal injury waiting to happen. "Train wreck" summed it up nicely. Hopefully the league will tweak the rules therein this offseason.

The O is getting into a real groove, Big D (Dallas, gang!) is becoming confident, comfy and mui dangerous at tight end. We collectively sang, "Welcome Back" to a very successful return of the stretch play, Edgerrin ran roughshod, Marvin was marvelous, Reginald was fierce. And there was a very obvious Stokley sighting!

Regarding EJ - some have downplayed his runs, stating he doesn't get touched until he's five yards downfield.

Well, I actually counted Edge's yards after contact totals, and of his 143 rushing yards, 74 came after contact.

What does this prove? Two things:

Edge is good.

I am a huge nerd.


The Sanders guided missile attacks on the getaway sticks of Steven Jackson were worthy of "shock and awe" status! Did those 2 attempted amputations have anyone else wincing at the impacts?!


Now it's got me on the spot – the short yardage set. The Colts ran it a few times, and ran it well.

I was stunned.

A thousand pardons, the Kotter tune is wedged solidly in my head.


Rodin's "The Thinker."

Michelangelo's "David".

And now, "Manning To Harrison No.86".

Truly a thing of beauty.


Anyone counting the Pats out is kooky. Does anyone think they WON'T win their division? Look at the other teams in the East, and their situations. 9 and 7 could well win the East. And once this team gets in the playoffs, with Tedy Bruschi back playing Pro Bowl type linebacker….I'll count the Pats out when they're eliminated, not a moment before.

Does anyone else think the AFC West is the best division in the NFL? Here's hoping that Philadelphia slows LT down this weekend, and that Eli does his big brother a favour and takes out the Broncos. A first round bye would be huuuuge this year. Likewise, home field.

Isn't it dumb to talk about playoffs approaching week 7?!

Jacksonville isn't going away anytime soon. The rematch will be awesome.


Colts signed LB Mike Labinjo, released by the Eagles. Labinjo is big, fast, and…Canadian, I do believe.

Marvelous Tyjuan Hagler is practicing. Suddenly, with Gilbert "Grape" Gardner back, the Colts have some linebackers. Neat!!!

Good to see that Sweet Pea has returned to practice. Unfortunately, Olive Oyl remains listed as doubtful, and Yosemite Sam has been suspended per the league's drug policy.

I think we need more players with cartoon character names.

So on that note…


Robert Mathis continues to dominate the dojo at the other end. What's hilarious is that if he makes the Pro Bowl, it will probably be as the special teams guy…while leading the league in sacks!!

After another terrific game, with another sack that now has him leading the league, Mathis was Gump-like when asked to comment:

"That's nice. That's really all there is to say about that."

Well struck, Mister Mathis! Now tend to your shrimping vessels, my good man!!

Being a Colts fan – it's a lot like a box of chocolates, isn't it?

Good day to you.

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