The 12th Man's Power Poll

ColtPower moderator Richard "TwelfthMan" Garrett stirred things up in our forum last week with his rankings based on his own formula. Here's his rankings for this week.

So, you didn't like the first poll because I put the Colts second and the Bears third. Well, all that has changed. With both of those teams coming off impressive showings, they have moved to #1 and #2 in the rankings.

Colts and Bears in the Super Bowl? It could happen. Well maybe.

Anyway, if you had used 12th Man's poll for your Pigskin Pick'um this week, you would have gone 12 - 2. Not bad for a poll some called idiotic.
This week I am going to give you a letter grade for each teams offense and defense, in that order. First grade is offense, Second is defense.

12th Man's Week 6 Power Poll:

1. Indianapolis Colts (B+) (B+): The defense pulled back a little but the offense improved over last week, giving them an overall improved score. I have the Colts as the 4th ranked offense and the 3rd ranked defense in the NFL. 16 - 0 is still a possibility.

2. Chicago Bears (D+) (A+): Remember a few years back when the Ravens won the Super Bowl without an offense? The Bears played a pretty weak team 
in the Vikings last week and were able to improve their overall score. They look to be the class of the NFC North.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (C) (A): Losing the Griese at QB could hurt, but they are winning with a strong defense and running game. I look for them to win 
some games in the playoffs.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (B) (B): Good solid team that wins the games they should. Offense got better, Defense pulled back a little.

5. Seattle Seahawks (A) (C-) These guys are playing well right now but the offense is the strength. Look for them to win the West.

6. Dallas Cowboys (B-) (B): Good balance on both sides of the ball. They will be a contender.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (B) (B-): I honestly believe that Roethlsomething was missed in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Steelers win that game with him behind center. The offense dropped a full letter grade over the weekend. They will move back up when Roethlsomething returns.

8. Carolina Panthers (B-) (B-): Solid team moving up the charts.

9. San Diego Chargers (A) (D+): That defense is going to hurt them if they are not careful.

10. Atlanta Falcons (B+) (C): Pretty significant drop when you consider they were playing a very poor Saints team this weekend. If Vick and company
aren't careful they could be of the outside looking in at the playoffs.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (B) (C+)

12. New York Giants (B) (C)

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (C) (C+): This team has beaten two quality opponents in consecutive weeks. Look for them in the playoffs.

14. Denver Broncos (B) (C-): Good team, but their defense is backing up.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (C+) (C): Need to step it up if they want to make the playoffs.

16. Detroit Lions (D) (B+): Defense keeps them in the running.

17. Green Bay Packers (C) (C): May be Brett's last year.

18. Buffalo Bills (C) (C) Look for them to take one from the Pats this weekend.

19. Miami Dolphins (C-) (C+) Ricky needs to step up if the Dolphins are going to do anything this year.

20. Washington Redskins (C) (C-)

21. St. Louis Rams (C+) (D): Colts spotted them 17 then went on a 45 - 11 run.

22. New York Jets (D) (C+)

23. Baltimore Ravens (D-) (C+)

24. Oakland Raiders (C) (D)

25. Cleveland Browns (D) (C): Look for Detroit to exploit the Cleveland D.

26. Tennessee Titans (C) (D): Not the cellar dweller as long as the Texans are around.

27. New England PatriOTs (C) (F) Their D smells so bad. Only the stench out of Houston is worse than those Chowder Heads.

28. San Antonio/New Orleans/Baton Rouge Saints (D+) (D+): I don't think the Saints will ever play another game in the Crescent City.

29. Arizona Cardinals (D-) (C-): At least one Cardinals team got to the playoffs this year.

30. Minnesota Vikings (F) (D+): That game against the Bears was an embarrassment.

31. Houston Texans (D+) (F): Colts need to show that they can take the easy games.

32. San Francisco 49ers (F+) (D-): I'm sure Tim Rattay was glad to make the move to a contender.

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