Colts Power Player of the Week

As the defense gears up to make plenty of "Power Plays" against the Texans on Sunday, Cato June has snared his second consecutive Power Player of the Week Award from ColtPower!

ColtPower reviews the game tape weekly and awards points for the following "Power Plays: sacks, big hits, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, pressure that helped create an interception, and stopping a drive/ending a possession. A player can be awarded multiple points on one play. For example, a sack that occurs on third-down to force a punt would result in two points being awarded. Points can also be split if more than one player was directly involved in the Power Play.

Below are the Power Players for Game 6, and below that you'll find the year-to-date leader based on the combined results of games five and six.


Cato June
(5 points)

He started off with a big hit on Rams RB Steven Jackson in the 1st quarter and followed it up with a 2nd quarter interception that ended a drive and set the Colts up at the Rams' 34-yard line. In the 3rd quarter, he pulled in his second interception of the game, ending another Rams possession and setting the offense up at the St. Louis 14.


Robert Mathis
(4 points)

Mathis comes in right behind June for the second week in a row. In the 2nd quarter, he put a big hit on Steven Jackson, dropping him for a 3-yard loss. Then he ended a drive by tackling Marshall Faulk short of a first down. In the 4th quarter, he forced a fumble by the Rams quarterback which forced the Rams to punt on the next play.

Nick Harper
(3 points)

Harper didn't get any points until the second half, but got rolling with a fumble recovery caused by Dwight Freeney in the 3rd quarter, ending a possession with the recovery. Then he made a 4th quarter interception to halt another drive and set the offense up for business at the Rams' 19-yard line.

4. Dwight Freeney (2 points): Ended an early drive by hitting Faulk so hard it spun him around 360 degrees, which gave Freeney time to get back up on his feet and chase him down just 2 yards from where he hit him, forcing the Rams to settle for a FG. He also forced a fumble by Steven Jackson..

5T. Bob Sanders (1 point): In the 4th quarter, Sanders put a big hit on Jackson, cutting his legs out from under him in the open field..

5T.  David Thornton (1 point): Thornton put a huge hit on Marc Bulger that knocked him out of the game..

5T. Mike Doss (1 points): On a second down play, Marshall Faulk had burst through and had some great momentum -- until Doss punished him with a hit that made him look like he had hit an invisible wall one yard short of the first down.

8. Jason David (.5 point): He and Marlin Jackson teamed up to stop Rams WR Torry Holt short of a first down at the Colts 35 on a third-down play, ending the drive.

9. Marlin Jackson (.5 point): See above.

(Beginning with Week 5. Numbers in parentheses shows last week's rank)

1. Cato June
10 Points (1st)

2. Robert Mathis
8.5 points (2nd)

3. Dwight Freeney
5.5 points (3rd)

4. Jason David: 3.5 points (4th)
5. Mike Doss: 3 points (7th)
6. Nick Harper: 3 points (None)
7T. Larry Tripplett: 2.5 points (5th)
7T: Marlin Jackson: 2.5 points (6th)
9T. Raheem Brock: 1 point (8th)
9T. David Thornton: 1 point (None)
9T. Bob Sanders: 1 point (None)
11. Montae Reagor: .5 point (9th)

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