Colts - Texans XL

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"Every player on every team would like to have a coach like Coach Dungy. It's hard to describe. But if every player around the league got to work for Coach Dungy, they'd probably enjoy it a lot more." -- Colts running back Edgerrin James

"It's terrible. This is the lowest point of my career. It was just really depressing out there." -- Texans wide receiver Jabar Gaffney

"It's a good start, but that's all it is. It doesn't guarantee anything." -- Colts quarterback Peyton Manning

"Mathis is a third-year defensive end who is turning into one of Colts general manager Bill Polian's latest gems." -- Bob Glauber, sportswriter 

"We haven't always played our best, but we've stayed the course and continued to fight throughout all 60 minutes of every game." -- Colts defensive tackle Montae Reagor

"...everything we did in the first half didn't work in the second. They picked up the blitz. Manning started to slide to avoid the rush. They found weaknesses in our run defense" -- Texans defensive back Dunta Robinson

"Now we've run it three times in the regular season and it's been OK the first two times the way we did it. "(Carollo) said in his mind it wasn't OK today. He said today we were too close to being under center." -- Peyton Manning on the penalty called against him for illegal motion on the direct snap to Dominic Rhodes.

"It's not like we've beaten them before, but we knew the formula to do it. It's to run the ball like we did in the first half." -- Texans quarterback David Carr 

"We got it checked out and I'm fine. I'm cool.'' -- Colts safety Bob Sanders on his injured wrist that caused him to miss half of the second quarter.

"He was so close to scoring three touchdowns. You can't let the kicker get to you. He's so fast (that) nobody on the field should be able to catch him" -- Texans special teams coach Joe Marciano on kickoff returner Jerome Mathis

"We're not as obsessed with New England as everybody else is." -- Tony Dungy

"Man, the atmosphere in the dressing room at halftime was great. We felt like we could win." -- Texans linebacker Antwan Peek

"I was going to do a touchdown dance, but I didn't know what to do. I was stuck." -- Montae Reagor after returning a fumble recovery for a touchdown.

"It's a little embarrassing." -- David Carr on the Texans finishing with six yards net passing.

"In their return game, it was disappointing to see those long returns and it was disappointing to see them run the ball on us in the second quarter." -- Tony Dungy.

"We were sold snake oil in the offseason. We believed the Texans when they told us their goal was to protect the quarterback and get to the opposing quarterback." -- Sportswriter John McClain,

"He's got a lot of wisdom. He's been there. We listen to him talk, and it seems like everything he says is golden." -- Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney on Tony Dungy

XL Notes…Essential Information for Colts Fans!

The Texans had 143 yards at halftime -- and finished with 139.

Edgerrin James has rushed for 100 yards in five of seven games this season.

Rookie Jerome Mathis' 89-yard kickoff return for a touchdown was the first against the Colts since November 2003 when they gave up on to the Patriots.

The Colts are the 21st team since 1970 to go 7-0. It's a first ever for the franchise.

The Colts finished the day with 205 yards rushing, 232 passing.

Four of the five sacks by the Colts came in the second half.

Houston hasn't produced more than two offensive touchdowns in eleven straight games.

All other teams in the AFC have at least two losses after both the Bengals and the Broncos lost yesterday.

The Colts got their 70th win since 1999, best in the NFL during that stretch.

The 49ers are on pace to allow 565 points this season, which would wipe out an unflattering record by the 1981 Colts who allowed an all-time league record of 533.

The Colts have recovered just four of seventeen forced fumbles this season.

The Texans have lost 10 consecutive games with their roof closed.

The Texans gave up a combined 525 yards rushing over the past two weeks to the Colts and the Seahawks.

The Colts are now 21-7 (75%) as a road team under Tony Dungy.

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