The 12th Man's Power Poll

Richard "TwelfthMan" Garrett is back with this week's Power Poll. Take a look and then talk about the rankings on our ColtPower Fan Forum!

The Colts stay on top of 12th Man's Power Poll this week.  However, only 10 points separate the top five teams.  The two best teams in the AFC are heading towards a Monday night knockout on Nov. 28.  The month of November has the Colts facing two teams in my top 10, and their nemesis, the evil PatriOTs.  Win those three and the naysayers will disappear.

The Bears continue to impress with defense and Thomas Jones is making the offense better.  Some teams that seem to be getting better are Seahawks, Eagles and Cardinals.  Maybe it's time for birds to fly.

The Patriots may make the playoffs this year by winning the East.  But both wild card teams will have a better record.

Here we go with the week 7 Power Poll:  

1.  Indianapolis Colts (A-) (B): Still on top, but the D gave up some points against a very bad Texans club.  Rest up boys, you have a hard row to hoe over the next nine weeks.

2.  Chicago Bears (C-) (A+):  Solid Defense and improving offense will keep the Bears at the top of this poll.  Big game this weekend against the Lions to decide the leader of the NFC North.

3.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (C) (A): These guys are for real.  Cadillac needs to come back and give the O a boost. 

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (B) (B-): Roethlsomething does make a difference.

5.  Seattle Seahawks (A) (C): Solid team.  However, history tells that they always find a way to grab defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

6.  Dallas Cowboys (C+) (B): Dallas needs to get their Jones healthy.

7.  Carolina Panthers (B-) (B-):  Check out that NFC South division.  At least we know where the Saints will finish.

8.  Atlanta Falcons (B) (C): Falcons won the GYFL championship, I doubt the Atlanta Falcons will win theirs.

9.  Cincinnati Bengals (B-) (B-): Do the stripes on a Tiger change?  Or was that just some muddy stains we were seeing earlier?  Bengals couldn't get it done early and lost it late.

10.  San Diego Chargers (B+) (C-): Best team under .500.  Key game this week against the Chiefs.  Must-win for the Chargers to win the division, maybe even the playoffs.

11.  Philadelphia Eagles (C+) (B-):  Improving team, but I still don't like T.O.

12.  Kansas City Chiefs (B-) (C):  A win this week against the Chargers gives them three away victories in the division.

13.  Detroit Lions (D+) (B+): Bear food.

14.  Washington Redskins (B) (C-):  Great improvement over the past few weeks.  Good teams keep getting better.

15.  New York Giants (B-) (C-):  Eli, Eli, he's our man.  Last second heroics will keep the Giants in the race.

16.  Jacksonville Jaguars (C) (B-):  Look better on paper than they really are.  I expect to see them stumble in the next few weeks.

17.  Denver Broncos (B) (C-): So, they are not as good as they looked earlier.

18.      Green Bay Packers (C+) (C-):  It's a shame Brett Favre has to endure a season like this.  He needs a team around him to get anything done.

19.  Oakland Raiders (B-) (D+):  An improving team.  But I doubt they make the playoffs.

20.  St. Louis Rams (C+) (D):  Saints will never play another game in New Orleans, and Martz will never coach another Rams game.

21.  Buffalo Bills (C+) (D+):  Had a shot to over take the Pats last week and blew it.  Must win this week to have a shot at the division.

22.  Miami Dolphins (C-) (C-):  Maybe the Dolphins should release Ricky from his financial obligations and let him retire.

23.  Baltimore Ravens (D-) (C+):  Bad teams keep getting worse. 

24.  New York Jets (D) (C): QB #5, Who are you?

25.  Tennessee Titans (D+) (C-): Where is the Warrior when you need him.  Oh yeah, on the bench.  No, he didn't even make the trip.

26.  EVIL New England PatriOTs (B-) (F): May get into the playoffs by default.  The AFC East really, REALLY stinks this year.

27.  Cleveland Browns  (D-) (C): Wouldn't surprise me to see Charlie Frye some this week.  Romeo will start looking to the future pretty soon.

28.      San Antonio/New Orleans/Baton Rouge Saints (D+) (D+): Gloom, Despair, and agony on me.  OOOOOOhhhh.  If it weren't for bad luck, they'd have no luck at all. (think HeeHaw)

29.  Arizona Cardinals (F+) (C+): Hard not to improve when you are at the bottom.

30.  Minnesota Vikings (D-) (D+): Little spark from a sinking ship.  Let's see if they can keep it lit.

31.  Houston Texans (C-) (F): They gave the Colts a little shock before rolling over in the second half.

32.  San Francisco 49ers (D-) (F): You really need to protect your franchise quarterback.


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