Colts Power Player of the Week

The game tape has been reviewed and Colts defensive tackle Montae Reagor is the Colts Power Player of the Week for Game 7. And check out the Power Player of the Year standings!

ColtPower reviews the game tape weekly and awards points for the following "Power Plays: sacks, big hits, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, pressure that helped create an interception, and stopping a drive/ending a possession. A player can be awarded multiple points on one play. For example, a sack that occurs on third-down to force a punt would result in two points being awarded. Points can also be split if more than one player was directly involved in the Power Play.

Below are the Power Players for Game 7, and below that you'll find the year-to-date leader based on the combined results of weeks five through seven.


Montae Reagor
(3.5 points)

Reagor ends Cato June's two consecutive weeks at the top, earning Week Seven's Power Player of the Week Award. He split a sack with Josh Thomas in the first quarter. And thin in the fourth, he ended a Texans possession by scooping up a David Carr fumble created by Robert Mathis and ran it in for a touchdown.


Robert Mathis
(2 points)

Halfway through the third quarter, Mathis chased David Carr down from behind, forcing him out of bounds short of the first down, forcing a punt. In the fourth quarter, Mathis forced Carr to fumble, setting up Reagor's recovery for a touchdown.

Nick Harper
(2 points)

In the first quarter he put himself in great position to intercept a pass and return it 20 yards, ending a Texans possession.

Dwight Freeney
(2 points)

Early in the fourth quarter, Freeney forced a fumble that the Texans recovered, but it forced them to punt the ball away.

5T.  David Thornton (1 point): David Carr rolled to his right and started to run, but Thornton made a big hit in open field to stop it from turning into a big gain.

5T. Cato June (1 point): Forced a punt on the first Texans' possession with a tackle of their receiver short of the first down.

5T. Raheem Brock (1 point): On the first play of the fourth quarter, Brock forced a fumble that the Texans recovered for a 13-yard loss.

5T. Corey Simon (1 point):  In the fourth quarter, the Texans tried to go for two points, but Corey Simon put pressure on Carr, forcing him to throw it away, preventing any further points off the drive.

9. Josh Thomas (.5 point): Fought through two blocks to meet Montae Reagor at the quarterback to split the credit for a sack.

(Beginning with Week 5. Numbers in parentheses shows last week's rank)

1. Cato June
11 Points (1st)

2. Robert Mathis
10.5 points (2nd)

3. Dwight Freeney
7.5 points (3rd)
4. Nick Harper: 5 points (6th)
5. Montae Reagor:
4 points (11th)
6. Jason David:
3.5 points (4th)
7. Mike Doss: 3 points (5th)
8T. Larry Tripplett: 2.5 points (7th)
8T: Marlin Jackson: 2.5 points (7th)
10T. Raheem Brock: 2 point (9th)
10T. David Thornton: 2 point (9th)
11. Bob Sanders: 1 point (9th)
12. Corey Simon: 1 point (None)
13: Josh Thomas: .5 point (None)


Week 5: Cato June
Week 6: Cato June
Week 7:  Montae Reagor


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