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Roscoe Crosby is back, Anthony Davis is hanging around, Tom Arth's a good guy, and three reasons the Colts will win Monday night. All this and more in this edition of the ColtPower News Blitz!

Crosby's back
According to a report we received from our network partner at, former Clemson wide receiver Roscoe Crosby was signed to the Colts practice squad on Tuesday. We haven't been able to confirm yet which practice squad player was released to make room for him.

Arth gives back to the community
Colts quarterback Tom Arth grabbed a paintbrush on Tuesday to help out the Community Caring Foundation. They were organizing volunteers to help paint the home of an elderly man with a disabled daughter. Arth used some of his time off at the end of his bye week to roll up his sleeves. "These are the people who support us so it's nice to get out in the community and support them in return," Arth said.  You can read about the excitement he created and see some great pictures of him in this article at the Noblesville Daily Times. Well done, Tom.

Check this out...

Here's some further proof that players released by the Colts often don't stray too far while they wait to get their next phone call. The Colts published an article on another community project that Arth and seven other Colts attended on Tuesday. According to the story, Arth was joined by other practice squad members and injured reserve players including OG Cody Campbell, WR Montiese Culton, OT Bo Lacy, DB Brandon Lynch, OG Matt Ulrich and LB Keyon Whiteside. But the name that really jumped off the page was RB Anthony Davis, who was cut from the practice squad back on October 19th. It appears he's keeping his ties with the team very close. In case you missed the story at about their visit to a local school, you can read it here.

Two former Colts released
Former Oklahoma defensive tackle Lynn McGruder has been released for the third time since August. After being released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Colts snatched him up shortly before final roster cuts were due. He even made the official roster for a day or two, but was then released. He was then signed to the Redskins practice squad a week ago, but Washington cut him loose on Tuesday.

Former Colts WR Adam Herzing, who was added to the Lions' practice squad on October 18th was also released on Tuesday.

Captain Comeback hits a bump in the road
In the we're-all-human-but-this-broke-my-heart category, former Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh was arrested early Sunday morning after running a stop sign, and was charged with drunken driving. One of the nicest guys you would ever meet, Harbaugh has a December court date to address the charges. "I'm upset at myself about it, and more embarrassed for everyone else around me, the team," Harbaugh said Wednesday.  He's in his second season as head coach of the University of San Diego football team which won their division last weekend with an 8-1 record. "My No. 1 concern is the players," Harbaugh said. "I'm trying to set a good example for them. There's a consequence for making poor decisions and now that applies to me."

Three reasons the Colts will win Monday night...
Go ahead, name 'em. Not one has to do with Peyton Manning according to Mike Tanier of FoxSports in his column. It's Indy's front four having "a big edge in the trenches", Edgerrin James who is "having the best season of his career" and the Patriots' injuries ("Belichick just doesn't have enough pieces on the board") that will assure a Colts win. 

Those are good enough reasons in my book. Go ahead and chalk up that win.

More history...
You know that the Colts' 7-0 start is the best in franchise history, but did you know that this is only the 36th time that any NFL team has started 7-0? That puts the Colts in pretty elite company. You are witnessing something that has only occurred 2.1% of the time in NFL history. They'll be trying to overcome some other tough historical odds next Monday night as well. While trying to push their record to 8-0, they'll have to snap a 6-game losing streak to the Patriots. New England has also won 14 of the last 16 meetings.

Wait and see
Vic Ketchman at wrote a column
on Wednesday about how parity in the NFL has virtually eliminated any huge difference in talent level between teams. But he does give a hesitant nod to the Colts as an exception to that statement.

"Only one team currently has a "head and shoulders" look about it. That team is Indianapolis, which is 7-0 and has outscored its opponents 189-77," he said. He points out that the Colts have only beaten one team that currently has a winning record (Jacksonville). And as a result he says, " we'll wait a while longer before we pronounce the Colts dominant. They play at New England on Monday; that'll give us an indication.""

AFC Player of the Week
After naming Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi AFC Defensive Player of the Week, the NFL should send out letters of apology to all the previous winners this year for tarnishing the award. Don't get me wrong. I think it's fabulous that Bruschi has battled back and there's no doubt he's a terrific player. But the NFL really sent a message that hype was more important than performance when they handed him the award this week. In their press release they noted that he made ten tackles, "six of which were made within three yards of the line of scrimmage."

Wow. That's just awesome....really.

Gee, lets compare that to Colts middle linebacker Gary Brackett who won the award in Week One. Brackett not only had ten tackles, but also posted two interceptions. Hmmm, very similar qualifications indeed.

But maybe Brackett didn't have the other credentials that Bruschi displayed that evidently helped him "earn" the award according to the press release.

"Bruschi became the first player in NFL history to return to the playing field after suffering a mild stroke," they noted in the second line. And then in a statement that showed just how far the NFL truly reached in giving this award to Bruschi, they noted that he "raised his arms early in the game to energize New England's '12th Man' and called signals in the huddle."

Whoa. He called signals in the huddle and raised his arms? Okay, I apologize. In fact, lets just make him AFC Defensive Player of the Month. That's awesome stuff. Maybe we should give Gary Brackett a call and let him know he needs to start working on that raising his arms thing if he wants to be considered for the award again.

Quote of the Day
"You never know how a game is going to transpire, but we think we can win however the game unfolds." -- Colts head coach Tony Dungy

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