The 12th Man's Power Poll

ColtPower's "TwelfthMan" lines 'em up for you again this week based on his unique formula for ranking the teams from around the NFL. Check them out and then discuss them in our Fan Forum!

The Colts stay on top of the 12th Man's Power Poll and actually pull away a little.  This week's MNF showdown against the Pats will tell us a lot about how the second half of the season will go.  I'm looking for the Pats to be licking their wounds come Tuesday.

Just a quick FYI, this poll is supposed to be different from the national ones.  I base it on mathematical equations looking at 7 different criteria on both offense and defense.  Then, I add them together for a total score.  I don't take into account records, opponents, or injuries.  It's supposed to be another perspective to keep you thinking.

Interesting how five of the top six teams are from the NFC.  Maybe it's because they play each other the most.

I really think the Eagles have imploded.  Maybe we should start calling T.O. something more fitting like "Pandora". That interception at the goal line last week may have been a turning point in their season.

I noticed a lot of the national media this week picking up on the Bears -- something I've been talking about for three weeks now.  Sure, they moved down in my poll this week, but they're still running with the elite.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the cheerleaders missing their weekly trip to Indy.

Here we go with Week Eight's Power Poll. Remember, the first grade is for the offense, the second one for the defense:

1. Indianapolis Colts (A-) (B): Hope you men have been studying, because this exam counts for half your media grade.  This hump looks more like molehill than a mountain.

2. Carolina Panthers (B) (B-): Steven Smith.  Initials SS.  As in Super Sport (remember those fast Chevys).  Could drop one initial and stand for Superman.  Panthers are doing it right.

3. Dallas Cowboys (B) (B+): Marion Barber?  Must think he's related to Tiki.  Dallas also has a strong team.

4. Chicago Bears (D+) (A+): The Bears allowed a rushing TD among other things, which moved them down in the rankings a few spots.  Expect New Orleans owner Tom Benson to watch the Saints being fed to the Bears on TV this weekend.

5. Seattle Seahawks (A) (C): This team is playing well, I just don't expect them to make much noise in the playoffs.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (C-) (A): NO RICE FOR YOU!  You lose.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (B) (B-): Roethlsomething makes a difference.  They lost without him last time.  Batch couldn't get it done against the NFC North before.  I doubt things have changed.

8. Atlanta Falcons (B) (C+): Good team in a great division.  Will be interesting to see if Vick can lead them to the playoffs.

9. San Diego Chargers (A-) (C): One team that is playing better than their record.  I look for them to make a lot of noise the second half of the season

10. Cincinnati Bengals (B-) (B-): With a little luck, these guys can win the North.  Roethlsomething's surgery would be considered Bengals luck.

11. New York Giants (B) (C+): WOW!  Tiki was huge.  Putting the BEAT DOWN on a division rival.  Remember what happened to the Bucs last week.

12. Denver Broncos (B+) (C-): Just playing solid football.  I would be concerned about the second half points given up.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (C+) (B-): When you live and die by the close game, sometimes you die.  Easy schedule here on out should give them a shot at the playoffs.  FYI, the Texans swept them last year and kept them out of the playoffs.

14. Detroit Lions (D+) (B+): Good defense but something consistent will have to happen on the other side of the ball to be a winner.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (B-) (C): Please make up your mind.  Are you going to be a good team or a bad team?

16. Philadelphia Eagles (C+) (C-): Moving down in our rankings five spots this week.  Does T.O. hate everybody or just his QB?  Will he soon insinuate that Donovan is a "Mama's Boy"?

17. Oakland Raiders (B-) (D+): The next few weeks will tell the tale on these guys.

18.     Washington Redskins (C+) (C-): I wonder if the Skins are catching Alzheimer's from their aged coaching staff?

19. Green Bay Packers (C+) (C-): Hindsight is 20/20.  Retirement would have been the right thing.  However don't let it surprise you when Favre leads the Pack to victory this weekend.

20. Miami Dolphins (D+) (C): Sabin is close to linking the pieces that will give him a consistent winner.

21. St. Louis Rams (C+) (D): After pulling in three high school players to fill the void, went out and beat the Jags at their own game.  Does the "Greatest Show On Turf" cause heart problems?  Just ask the coaches.

22. Buffalo Bills (C) (D+): CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT?  Up two scores in the fourth quarter and you let the Pats win.  You had your shot at the division now it's the Dolphins turn.

23. Baltimore Ravens (D) (C+): Ravens playing better without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed?  Look out future opponents.

24. EVIL New England PatriOTs (B-) (F+): Pulled out another close one against the Bills.  Now it's up to the glorious Colts to go in and defeat the EVIL Pats.

25. Tennessee Titans (C-) (D+): Time for McNair to find a nice rocking chair for his front porch.  Titans are several years away from winning again.

26. New York Jets (D) (C): Jets grounded.  Electrical storms on the horizon.

27. Cleveland Browns  (D) (C): Brown is the color of poo, and that's what Cleveland is playing like.  Time to heat up the grease and Frye up some Titans.

28.     Wandering in the Wilderness Saints (D+) (D+): The team's first year was 1967.  So their 40 years of punishment should end when they move to the land of Milk and Honey in 2007.

29. Arizona Cardinals (F+) (C): Does a desert and Green go together?  Winning would be like finding water in the Sahara for this bunch.

30. Houston Texans (C-) (F+): A win is a win.  Now do it again.  The Jags are beatable, but not by the Texicans.

31. Minnesota Vikings (D-) (D): These guys seem to be doing the Limbo....HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?  Look for the Lions to feast on Viking-meat this Sunday.

32. San Francisco 49ers (D-) (D-): They won a game without scoring a TD.  That says a lot about the other team.

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