Colts Power Player of the Week

Dwight Freeney has been named the Power Player of the Week for his efforts in Game 8 against the Patriots. And Cato June continues to hold a slim lead in our accumulated standings.

ColtPower reviews the game tape weekly and awards points for the following "Power Plays: sacks, big hits, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, interceptions, pressure that helped create an interception, and stopping a drive/ending a possession. A player can be awarded multiple points on one play. For example, a sack that occurs on third-down to force a punt would result in two points being awarded. Points can also be split if more than one player was directly involved in the Power Play.

Below are the Power Players for Game 8 and below that you'll find the year-to-date leaders based on the games scored beginning with Game 5. 

Monday night versus the Patriots was a true team effort by the Colts defense, as you'll see by how the point totals were spread out evenly more than any week so far in our scoring. Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney was given the edge over Montae Reagor as one of his big plays stopped an early Patriots threat and momentum at the Colts 17. The Patriots had intercepted a Manning pass and drove to the Colts 17 when Freeney knocked the ball loose and gave the ball back to the offense. They capitalized and pulled ahead 21-7 to put the Patriots in catch-up mode for the balance of the night.


Dwight Freeney
(2 points)
In the 2nd quarter, Freeney turned Raheem Brock's forced fumble into an 18-yard loss when the ball bounced off his chest before touching the ground, forcing it to roll deeper into Patriots territory. Later that quarter, Freeney was engaged by a Patriots lineman yet reached out with his left hand to strip the ball. John Madden credited Bob Sanders with the forced fumble due to his big hit on Dillon -- but watch the tape. It was Freeney pulling it loose before Sanders made contact.


Montae Reagor
(2 points)

Reagor had the first Power Play of the night in the second quarter, stopping the Patriots on their second drive with a tackle on a 3rd-down screen play and forcing a punt. He got his second point when he recovered the Doug Flutie fumble on the last play of the game.

5T. Raheem Brock (1 point): Forced a fumble in the second quarter. 

5T. Robert Mathis (1 point):
Forced a fumble on the final play of the game.

5T. Cato June (1 point):
In the 4th quarter, June hit a Patriots receiver as he bobbled a pass on a 3rd-down play, forcing an incomplete pass and a punt.

5T. Bob Sanders (1 point): Big hit on Corey Dillon in the 2nd quarter.

5T. Jason David (1 point):  Recovered the 2nd quarter fumble by Corey Dillon.

5T. Gary Brackett (1 point):  On the Patriots' first possession of the 2nd half, Brackett knocked a pass away on 3rd-down, forcing a punt.

5T. Nick Harper (1 point):  The Patriots went for the first-down on a 4th-and-four and tried a quick inside slant. Harper engaged David Givens, forcing an incomplete pass and ending the possession.

(Beginning with Week 5. Numbers in parentheses shows last week's rank)

1. Cato June
12 Points (1st)

2. Robert Mathis
11.5 points (2nd)

3. Dwight Freeney
9.5 points (3rd)
4T. Nick Harper: 6 points (4th)
4T. Montae Reagor:
6 points (5th)
6. Jason David:
4.5 points (6th)
7T. Raheem Brock: 3 point (10th)
7T. Mike Doss:
3 points (7th)
9T. Larry Tripplett: 2.5 points (8th)
9T: Marlin Jackson: 2.5 points (8th)
11T. David Thornton: 2 point (10th)
11T. Bob Sanders: 2 point (11th)
13T. Gary Brackett: 1 point (None)
13T. Corey Simon:
1 point (12th)
15: Josh Thomas: .5 point (13th)

2005 Season Weekly Award Winners

Game 5 at 49ers: Cato June
Game 6 vs St. Louis: Cato June
Game 7 at Houston:  Montae Reagor
Game 8 at New England: Dwight Freeney

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