Key Matchup: Jason David vs Andre Johnson

The Texans were missing their star wide receiver the last time the Colts played them in Houston. Cornerback Jason David will be involved in a key matchup when the two teams meet again in Indianapolis.

Jason David knows how to drive Colts? fan nuts. In his second professional season, the young cornerback still gives up the big play too often because of his tendency to take chances. Two examples come to mind; Tom Brady'?s first TD pass last week and Mark Bulger?'s long TD pass to Kevin Curtis, which gave St. Louis a 14-0 lead in Week Six.

Despite his below-average build and small size, David is able to be a starter at corner in this league because of his scrappy attitude and recognition skills. He is purely a zone corner though. His size just doesn't permit him to jam anyone at the line effectively or get too physical.

Nonetheless, his foot speed and quickness are good enough that it allows him to stay close in coverage and make plays on the football. Sometimes though, he gets too close and this is when a skilled receiver will use a sound double-move or crisp route to get by him.

This week the challenge does not get any easier for Jason David. Andre Johnson is David Carr'?s favorite receiver and one of the most talented wideouts in all the NFL.

Johnson is a young, talented, explosive receiver, who possesses an excellent combination of size, strength, toughness and speed. He is so physical, explosive, and strong off the snap that hardly any corner is able to jam and re-route him. This, combined with the fact that Johnson has such an excellent burst getting in and out of his cuts, means that you shouldn't be surprised to see David consistently playing 5 yards or more off the line from Johnson.

Because of Johnson?'s exceptional speed, ability to get on top of the corner quickly, and his size over Jason David, I expect to see Carr attempt to exploit this matchup early. It's key that David keep Johnson in front of him and for over-the-top safety help to be there as a safety net. The problem for Carr, however, is that his offensive line is so porous that a receiver never or rarely has enough time to get open deep.

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