Manning: "Focus on...the game at hand"

During his weekly conference call, Peyton Manning talked about the team's confidence, preparation, why the Colts have never lost to the Texans, and much more!

(on team's confidence)
"We put in good preparation days, and we put in the same business-like approach every day. We prepared hard last week coming off the bye and had a good week of practice. We played hard. That's the key every single week but it's very much of a week-to-week business in the NFL. Whatever you did last week, win or lose, it's important to move on to the next opponent. It's all about having a good week in practice. Hopefully we can have that again this week."

(on how hard it is to not entertain thoughts of a 16-0 season)
"We're really not thinking about that. Our main goal is to try to win the AFC South. That's one of our goals every single season, and if other things come along that's fine, but that guarantees you a playoff spot. And division games always count double so that's why this game is so important against Houston because you've got to take care of your division games first." 

(on Dungy)
"Certainly his calmness is a big reason for his success as a coach. You know when it gets to a critical fourth-and-one or if your team's down by 10 points in the fourth quarter, his calmness really resonates with the rest of the team. Guys realize it's just time to go out there and do our jobs, and it's no time to panic. There are certainly some things that Tony does in team meetings and practices, things not for public knowledge or viewing, where he does raise his voice from time to time. It doesn't happen a whole lot, but a lot of things he does stay within the team. But I think his calmness in high-pressure situation has a big impact on our players, especially all of our young players."

(on why the Colts have never lost to Texans)
"Every game we've had with these guys has always been a dogfight, and it usually always comes down to the fourth quarter. Even two weeks ago, the score seemed a little bigger at the end, but it really was a close game going into the fourth quarter. And all the other times we've played them, especially down there, it's come down to a final drive or final field goal. I think division teams are very familiar with each other, and there are not a lot of surprises on either side of the ball. It just comes down to execution, but we always know what kind of challenge it is playing against these guys, and it will be the same thing this week."

(on if salary cap and rule changes make 16-0 season more difficult to achieve)
"I can't really answer that. I don't know if it has anything to do with the salary cap or anything else as much as that nobody's done it since 1972. It's just a credit to that there's so many good teams in the NFL, and anybody can beat anybody on any given Sunday. So that's the challenge." 

(on if media/fan attention adds to the challenge) 
"Well it just depends on what kind of players you have. But the players we have and coach Dungy and some of the leaders we have, like Jeff Saturday, Corey Simon, guys like myself that have been around, all you can focus on is the game at hand. I know that's kind of a boring answer, but that's the reason I think we've taken care of business so far. We've prepared hard every single week for the upcoming opponent, and have taken that good practice onto the playing field. That's the approach again this week, and that's really all we can control."

(on if considered possibility of facing Eli in Super Bowl)
"I haven't thought about that either. It's hard for me to really talk about that. I'm really proud of the way Eli has started off. I certainly know what it's like going from your first year as a quarterback to your second year. All the bumps and bruises you faced as a rookie that you've learned from and try to apply that to make you a better player in your second year. So he certainly looks a lot more comfortable out there and I can tell he feels more confident. Same thing every week, and they have the Vikings this week. But I've enjoyed when I've had a chance to see him play on TV or on highlights. I can remember what a difference a year makes between your first and second year."

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