Colts - Texans: By the Numbers

ColtPower provides you with an overview of the key stats from Sunday's game!

0:  Interceptions

1. Sack yielded by the Colts offensive line, just their sixth of the season.

2:  Fumble recoveries by the Texans made off of inadvertent contact with the ball. Both occurred inside the Colts' 35-yard line to set up 10 of their 17 points.

3.  Sacks by the Colts defense, all by the defensive line (Dwight Freeney, Larry Tripplett, Montae Reagor). Also the number of touchdown passes by Peyton Manning.

3.9: Yards per carry average for Texans RB Jonathan Wells.

5:  Fumbles in the game, with just two -- both on punt returns by the Colts -- resulting in a turnover.

8:  Total penalties, four by each team.

9:  Solo tackles by Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson, tops for Houston. Also the team-leading solo tackles for Colts linebacker Cato June, who finished the day with 13 total tackles for the day.

16:  Longest pass reception of the day yielded by the Colts defense.

26:  First downs by the Colts, more than double the Texans' 11.

30:  Longest pass catch of the day by the Colts (Marvin Harrison for a touchdown).

36.8: Punting average for the Texans' Chad Stanley.

37.5:  Percent of passes David Carr completed to his running backs rather than receivers.

42: Receiving yards by Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson on just four catches.

45.7:  Hunter Smith's punting average on his three attempts.

58: Total net rushing yards by Wells.

64: Completion percentage by David Carr.

73:  Receiving yards by Brandon Stokley, his highest total since the opening game of the season against the Ravens when he had 83.

90.9:  Mike Vanderjagt's field goal accuracy this season after hitting a 45-yarder against Houston (10-11 on the season).

108: Receiving yards for Marvin Harrison, best of the day by any receiver in the game.

122:  Rushing yards for Edgerrin James.

138: Passing yards by Carr.

297: Passing yards by Manning.

419:  Total net yards by the Colts vs 209 by the Texans.


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