The Coolest Team in the NFL

Good day, my CP kinfolk! Another day, another Colts victory, and in dominant fashion yet again!

...Granted, the Texans aren't the Steel Curtain, but the show put on by the Colts offense on Sunday was something to behold.

Following up the Monday Night mauling of Tom Brady, where he ended up ranting like Jan Brady, the Colts ran the ball at will, Manning passed with smart-bomb precision, and the D turned in another solid effort.

Personal highlights:

Dallas Clark openly GIGGLING after catching a hitch pass and making like Edgerrin James, as he actually made a (Texan) tackler miss. I think that could have been a career first for Big D, who usually gets ear-holed on those short catches!

My other favorite was the real deal, Edgerrin James, with some of the wackiest moves I've seen on a screen pass, as he went for 12, sashaying and moonwalking thru some perplexed Houstonians.

And how about him getting into the endzone…untouched? It's been awhile since I've seen that.

Now let me get this off my chest – after a great win, in a year full of great wins, an undefeated year thus far, I remain baffled when I check in to the CP forum and read a good deal of semi-negativity. I could understand it if it was warranted. But it just seems to me that, with Rob Morris relegated to special teams (and out for this game), some folks are desperate to find a suitable replacement for the prestigious position of "whipping boy"!

The two selections this week were: Jason "Scrappy-Doo" David, and Jake "Plissken" Scott.

Why Plissken?

Because using "The Snake" would be too obvious. So think about it, and name the movie reference! The winner will receive a wonderful prize package from Ed Thompson!!!!! Or not.

The O-line had a great game, and Scott was central, both run and passblocking.

Jason David gave up a total of 5 catches for 63 yards, no TDs, nothing longer than 16 yards. He made some big tackles, one for a loss, one to force a punt. He played an attempted Andre Johnson go-route to perfection. He put himself in perfect position for a couple of picks, had Carr's throws on those two plays a bit more accurate.

Alas, he did have a short punt doink unceremoniously off his punkin. But although a tad embarrassing, surely it's not a hanging offense!!

Compared to the Texas Toast tag-team of Dunta "Kintay" Robinson and Phillip "Good Lord Where Have My Skills Gone!" Buchanon, David was a veritable "Night Train Lane" out there.

The only thing I found irritating in this game?

Broadcaster Steve "Cleo" Tasker!

This guy belongs on some sort of anti-Colt, psychic hotline.

Reggie Wayne dropped the ball on the big hit? Don't think so, Steve.

You can hear a double click on the roughing the punter, signifying the ball was touched? Don't think so, Steve.

Wait…I'm getting something here….a vision….Steve Tasker WILL make a buffoon of himself again, during a future Colts telecast…..

By the way – is Reggie Wayne tough, or what?

So, if, outside of Tasker, you find yourself overly upset with something else from the game - with the play of Jason David, Jake Scott, Troy Walters, or some other Colt, take a closer look. I think the only reason a couple of (not so great) plays stand out is because the Colts are playing SO great. Look around the league – the G-Men lost to the Vikings, KC lost to Buffalo, and – what in the Sam(kon Gado) Hill – the Falcons lost to The Old Man And The Cheese!

The Colts are the most consistent, most well-coached (what a great call on 4th and 1 to draw the Texans offsides with the tight ends and wide receiver shifting), and dare I say, the coolest, team in the NFL. Perhaps only the Broncos and Panthers are playing at the same level right now. Let's hope it keeps rolling. And feel free to rant at me with much disdain if you feel my protective words for these players is somewhat jackassian.

And speaking of "punkins", David's header aside, look who's up next – the Cincinnati Bengals, in their trick-or-treating ensembles.

If Carson Palmer is their uncontested leader, shouldn't we refer to him as, "The Great Pumpkin"? What a great looking matchup.

Good day to you!

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