Dungy: "We're Going Into A Hornet's Nest"

Colts head coach Tony Dungy shares what he told his team this week about their trip to Cincinnati. And he tells you why the Bengals offense really isn't similar to the Colts offense.

(on what the message is this week)

"The message is we're going into a hornet's nest, we're going into a place where they're playing very well. They're playing with confidence. They're excited about the game. The city is excited. We can expect the same type of emotion and energy that was at New England. We have to go in there and take care of business. The big agenda for us is taking care of the ball on offense. Obviously, they've forced 29 turnovers, which is the best in the league. Defensively, they're a very physical offense. They're going to try to pound the ball at us, and we have to be up for it."

(on if the Bengals offense is similar to the Colts)

"No, they remind me of our old Pittsburgh teams. They have two backs, and they pound the ball and they run it in there. Then, when you get geared up, if you decide you're going to take the running game away, they have outside receivers that can make big plays. It's a real good complement that they have. They're similar to us in that they let you decide what you're going to do. If you take away Chad Johnson, they run the ball, and if you come bring the safeties up, then they throw outside."

(on if the Bengals have the most balance on offense of any teams they have faced this season)

"They're a very good offense, and we've played some very good offenses. We've played New England, we've played the Rams, we've played some guys with a lot of weapons. But they're very physical and they're throwing it at a 70 percent completion rate and not turning the ball over. They're playing very efficiently."

(on focusing on the short term, but staying aware of the long term)

"Sure. You're playing a team that's leading their division. They're really the closest team to us, and we're playing them. If you can win the game, that gives you another team that's in your rearview mirror that you're not chasing. That really helps you. And eventually, a good chance that we could see these guys again, just like with New England. So, a very similar set-up to two weeks ago."

(on if it's wise to know what you're playing for)

"Absolutely. And these AFC games, we have five AFC games coming up, and a lot of them will have a direct bearing on making the playoffs, and if you do make it where you play and where you finish. So, they're all going to be important. This is this week's game of the century."

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