Dungy: "We Have To Do What We Do"

Colts head coach Tony Dungy talked about offensive coordinator Tom Moore, whether the Colts are truly a finesse team, what he expects from the Steelers and much more in his weekly conference call with the media.

(on Tom Moore's offense being considered too "stodgy" and "simple" when he worked for the Steelers)
"Well, we are still simple...I don't know if I would call it stodgy, but it is simple. We have Pittsburgh roots, Tom and I both. Just do what you do and try to do it very well. We have some guys that have been in the system quite a while now and they are executing and doing it really well. We have a lot of good players and it makes you look good as a coach when they are playing like that.

"...Tom is a guy that very much believes in his convictions and his ability to stick to his convictions over the years, but he has a great capacity to tailor what he wants to do to the talent of the guys that he has. I think he does a great job of getting the most out of everybody that plays for him. That is why he has been able to coach so well for so long."

(on where the Colts find all their talented players) 
"We have a lot of good players. These guys practice hard. That is the thing about our offensive system, depending on how teams play us, the week can be special for anyone of a number of guys. Early in the year it was Edgerrin [James] because people were double-covering our wide receivers. Reggie Wayne has had some big days. We have tight ends that can get deep and catch the ball. Dominic Rhodes is a great player. He really hasn't gotten much playing time because Edgerrin has been so healthy and so productive. Every guy that we have on offense pretty much knows that if the defense plays a certain way, he can have a big day."

(on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger)
"He's a tremendous player. To me, the thing that he does is give the team confidence. When they get in close games they just feel like he's going to make the plays to turn it around. His ability to avoid the rush, make good throws under pressure and on the move and his decision making have really been critical for him. When they've gotten in tight spots he's made a lot of big plays for them."

(on whether the Colts can attack the quarterback like Baltimore did)
"We have to do what we do. The Ravens are a blitzing unit, a high pressure, high risk defense. We're not exactly that way but hopefully we can get the same type of pressure. That's the key to defending any quarterback, to make them throw before they want to throw."

(on whether the Colts are primarily an outside rush team)
"Not necessarily. You have to be able to get pressure from everywhere, if you can only get it off one side, or only on the outside, teams are good enough, and they are going to respond to that. You have to have everybody functioning well and we have some inside people that can rush and hopefully rush well."

(on whether he expects the Steelers to run more than last week and control the clock)
"That is what they do. I saw one of Jerome's quotes that they have to be what they are, and they are a smash mouth team. That's what we are preparing for. They have weaponry on the outside and obviously those receivers can make plays but their identity is to pound you and that is what we expect."

(on some people calling the Colts a finesse team, but Bill Cowher stating that the Colts, at least defensively, are pretty physical)
"We like to think of ourselves as a team that plays the game hard and plays it the right way. I think Pittsburgh kind of suffers from the other axiom. Everybody looks at them as just being a physical pounding team, which they are but they have athletes that can make plays. (Willie) Parker has obviously given them big plays on the outside running the ball, Hines (Ward) has made plays for a number of years and (Antwaan) Randle El. So I don't think you can pigeonhole into certain categories. That is a perception a lot of people try to do, but you can't play non-physical and win games in the NFL, and you can't be a team that doesn't have skilled guys. I think you are going to see two pretty good teams playing and it won't be just physical versus finesse."

(on whether or not he's having fun with being undefeated versus feeling pressured by it)
"It is obviously more fun than being 0-10. We are very fortunate right now. We are playing good football. We are in first place in our division. Those are the things that we have been focused on all year. Jacksonville is continuing to win, so we have to win to stay in front of them. Obviously we play the co-leaders in the North Division last week and we have the co-leaders again this week. Those are games that mean something in the playoff standings. It is fun to be playing big games."

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