Marvin Harrison versus Reynaldo Hill

Marvin Harrison will have the opportunity to work against a rookie cornerback this Sunday. His opponent, Reynaldo Hill leads the NFL's rookie class in interceptions. Greg Talmage takes a look at this key matchup.

When Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison peers across the field Sunday and looks at the cornerback lining up across from him, he will be looking into the eyes of a rookie -- a 7th-round draft pick making just his fouth professional start. So like most weeks, Harrison will again consistently see a safety rolled over to his side and plenty of double teams. 

Marvin Harrison is a quick-strike type of receiver who can score from anywhere on the field in one play. He reminded us of that last week on the Colts first offensive play from scrimmage. The future Hall of Famer is arguably one of the best route runners in the history of receiving. This makes him nearly impossible to cover, especially for those seeing him for the first time. Just when you think you have an inkling about his tendencies, he does something that will totally surprise you.

Harrison gets out of his breaks quickly, has excellent double moves off the play action, sells his routes amazingly well and sets defenders up. His body language is as consistent as his routes. Putting a young corner, like Hill, on Harrison without a double-team or even the appearance of one is committing football suicide.

Reynaldo Hill is an athletic cornerback with nice size. He currently leads all rookie cornerbacks with three interceptions. He does a good job of keeping the action in front of him and diagnosis plays well. Tennessee will play a lot of zones on Sunday. And Hill can be very effective in a zone because of his ability to move laterally and his great closing speed burst.

Hill is considered a late bloomer. He was a junior college transfer who didn't start until his senior year. So he's still very raw. As a result, he can be fooled by a quarterback's pumps and fakes. He will also make the rookie mistake of playing the ball more than his man. Another very important aspect in this matchup is the recognition skills and range of both Titans safeties -- Lamont Thompson and Tank Williams.

In going through their keys, the safeties must avoid getting caught up in play-action or any type of fake, which will result in them getting out of position and allowing the explosive plays down the field. Because that will leave their rookie cornerbacks, Hill and Pac Man Jones, one-on-one against dangerous Colt receivers.

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