Five Questions: Titans LB Keith Bulluck

The indisputable leader of the Titans defense spoke to the media this week. Find out what he had to say about the current state of the Titans and their outlook for the future.

(on putting up big numbers for the Titans in recent years)
"I don't really expect anything less from myself. I set a high standard for myself. I would like to see a little more production, but at my position you can only get what comes to you. I would definitely like to be in more of a winning situation."

(on if he gets a feeling that things are turning around after last week's win over the 49ers)
"I get a feeling that things are getting better. I get a feeling that young players are starting to understand the concepts that we're doing defensively. They're starting to understand game-plans, why we do certain things, and getting to understand how the offense is trying to attack our defense."

(on if they're a better team than their record)
"Definitely, even this morning I was looking at the board of all the teams we've played, all the stats, we definitely should have five or six wins right now, but we don't. I always tell this team to remember the feeling after we win or lose because this thing is going to turn around. Right now some teams that this organization used to handle every Sunday, it's their turn and they're playing good football."

(on if the core of this Titans team will get better in the future)

"I look at the core of this and hope that it's going to be better in the future. It's hard to say a core is going to be better in the future when you lose players like Jevon Kearse, Robaire Smith, Samari Rolle, Kevin Carter, Andre Dyson just to name a few, the team has to realize the players we lost and they got to realize that they may be young, but this is their team and they got to go out there, state their claim and make a name for themselves. I remember when I came into the league, a four-year player was a young guy. It's all about going out there and performing and making a name for yourself."

(on imagining the team without Steve McNair)
"No I can't really imagine that. I don't think about it. I'm one of those guys, I think, I've seen a lot in my six years and there's no telling. Anything can happen here. You just kind of sit back, let it develop and handle your business because the people upstairs are going to do whatever they feel they need to do from a business standpoint."

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