Manning Conference Call Highlights

Peyton Manning talked to the media this week about Marvin Harrison, the matchup against the Titans, teams faking injuries, and more!

(on the Tennessee Titans)
"It's certainly a huge game. It's a division game and we've always put a great emphasis on our division games. There is always respect between both teams and there's always been tough games. Division games count double. That's kind of our theme around here. We've got them at home so we're looking forward to the challenge."

(on if there would be a letdown against the Titans)
"I think you see it more in college football, when you get a ranked team versus an unranked team. In the NFL, the quality, speed and just how hard it is to win a game, I really don't even look at the team's record when we're playing them. Somebody said that we're favored by 16 points and I think that is ridiculous in the NFL. When you got a guy like LB-Keith Bulluck or a guy with speed like DB-Pacman Jones has, these guys have some really good players. It's a division game. The teams are very familiar with each other so it will be a tough game."

(on if he expects the Titans to try anything)
"People talk about last year and the three onsides kicks. I think in the NFL, in the 2005 season, you're kind of alert for anything every single week. Pittsburgh tried an onside kick, a team that plays one defense one week and an entirely different defense another week. A team like us, we throw the ball against Cincinnati and come out and run it a bunch versus Pittsburgh, so I think every team you're playing offensively and defensively you have to be prepared for the kitchen sink."

(on if he expects more defensive backs to try and pick on Marvin Harrison)
"I don't think that's possible with Marvin. Marvin's been playing for a long time and in my opinion he's one of the toughest receivers out there. He probably doesn't get that label very much, but he knows how to play. He can mix it up on blocking, he can mix it up on the run after a catch and as far as pure speed on the outside, nobody does it better. He doesn't take anything from anybody and never has, and you like to have those guys on your team."

(on if he can imagine the Titans without McNair)
"That doesn't come out very smoothly I guess. When you think about the Tennessee Titans, you think about Steve McNair, and he had a good game last week against San Francisco. Our defense knows every time we play the Titans what kind of challenge they're in from a passing standpoint, a scrambling standpoint and how hard he is to tackle. It just doesn't sound very natural."

(on TE-Bryan Fletcher)
"Well, he's done a good job of staying focused every single week in practice. There have been some games where he's played very little and the next game he's playing 55-60 plays. It just shows you that he's tuned in during the week of practice and he's into the game plan, he knows the plays and that's what you like."

(on if teams faking injuries frustrates him)
"It really does not get frustrating to me. If it does, then that's when they're beating you. The way I look at it is there is no proof what so ever, but if a player goes out and he's the starter, then the backup is coming in and you figure he's not a good as the starter."

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