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Plenty of sportswriters have jumped on the Indianapolis bandwagon since their wins over Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. And now that the Colts have clinched a playoff spot, some of them are even starting to look beyond the prospects of whether or not they will finish the regular season undefeated.

Jason Cole at takes a look at the six teams that he believes have the best chance to upset the Colts in the playoffs. At the top of his list is a team that the Colts face in two weeks – the San Diego Chargers.

Vic Ketchman at is getting feisty with Colts fans that are submitting questions to his Q&A column, firing back at one of them saying, "…what meaningful victory have the Colts scored since the franchise was stolen from Baltimore?"

And here's a rich one. According to Ketchman, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio was amongst the finger-pointers claiming the Colts pipe crowd noise into their stadium. Del Rio reportedly said, "They've done it for a long time."

Ketchman congratulates Pittsburgh sportswriter Ed Bouchette for "writing what a lot of other people knew but weren't saying."

Hmmm. Maybe they weren't saying it because, ummm, it's false?

You can visit Ketchman and submit a question to him using the form at the bottom of his page.

And while you're getting fired up about the Jaguars, take a moment to read Ketchman's article Thoughts Turn To Colts which includes this quote:

"When we play Indy everything goes out the window," Jimmy Smith said. "It's just going to come down to us and Indy. It's probably going to be the biggest game of the season for us."

Dave Climer of The Tennessean had this assessment of Sunday's game:

"This was child's play for the Colts. In what used to be the hottest rivalry in the AFC South, Indianapolis now has won the last six games over the Titans - by an average of 21.3 points. Take a look at his article in which he laments that winning is something that the Titans "only vaguely remember."

Quote of the day: "Did Peyton Manning even break a sweat against the Titans? He threw for three scores in the Colts' rout in what looked like nothing more than a light workout." – Sean Brennan, New York Daily News

While most of the Titans handled the lopsided loss with class yesterday -- and with plenty of complimentary remarks -- a couple of them stirred the pot with charges of illegal hits by the Colts defense, including Tennessee quarterback Steve McNair.

"I got leg-whipped on one (play) and kicked,'' McNair said. "The guy rolled twice and rolled right into me and rolled up on one ankle.''

McNair wasn't the only one complaining about the Colts this weekend. Patriots WR David Givens missed the last three games following New England's loss to the Colts. And he claims it was due to a questionable play by Colts safety Mike Doss.

''I ran a quick slant on fourth and 1 and after the play was over, [he] came in and hit me late," Givens told the Boston Globe. "It didn't get called. He twisted my knee.

''I watched it on film over and over. It still [looks dirty], but it's part of the game."

Perhaps the only bright spot to these latest allegations of the Colts being too physical (how ironic, huh?) is that it gives the media something other than the ludicrous piped-in crowd noise rumor to talk about this week.

And just to prove that not everyone in Denver has lost their sense of humor over the Colts humiliating the Broncos for two consecutive years in the playoffs, here's what Dave Krieger had to say about the Colts in his column at the Rocky Mountain News today:

"You think the Broncos have no shot if they have to play the Colts again in the playoffs? Consider this: Last year, they held Peyton Manning to the fewest pass attempts of his pro career – two.

"True, it was the meaningless regular-season finale and Manning played for only a minute, but hey, it's something to build on."

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