Del Rio: Colts Can Get "The Trifecta"

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio talked about the impact of this weekend's game and commented on many of his key players during Wednesday's conference call with the media.

(on the magnitude of this game for both teams)
"It's a divisional game, an AFC game, with huge playoff implications. Certainly, they can get the trifecta by winning against us, with winning homefield, and division and all of those things. What we can do is get win number 10 and keep a glimmer of hope alive in terms of the division. They do have to play San Diego and Seattle after us. Somehow, some way, we want to find a way to scratch and claw our way to a victory and make them have to fight their way in those last games."

(on QB-David Garrard)
"We've had to overcome some things. We lost Donovin Darius in the game there in Indy, and we've had Deke Cooper and Gerald Sensabaugh both step up and play well at the safety position. We lost Nick Sorenson, our special teams captain, we've lost Byron (Leftwich), we lose Fred (Taylor) for a while, and now it looks like maybe Brad (Meester). And what we've said in each case is that we need the guys behind them to stay prepared. You never know, you're one play away, and that's kind of cliché, but I think more importantly when that happens, we need to rally around them as a team and find a way to get it done. The game goes on, and we've found a way to rally behind David. Obviously, the quarterback is such a key position, and he's played well for us the last couple of weeks."

(on DE-Paul Spicer)
"Paul has been very solid. From day one of our getting here, he's just been a very tireless worker, a very tough individual, kind of a blue-collar, hard-hat in a lunch pale, type mentality. He comes to work every day and works his butt off, and we're really happy to see him have success."

(on the character of DE-Paul Spicer and coming back after his brother passed away)
"Yes, I do believe that, and I believe that he showed a tremendous commitment to the team. We didn't ask that of him. We wanted him to make a decision that he was comfortable with, and he just really felt like getting back here with us and being here for his teammates was the best thing he could do. So, yes, he has really played good football for us this year."

(on DB-Rashean Mathis)
"He's a special, special talent. He came into the league out of a small school, Bethune-Cookman, right here in Florida, and not many people know about him but he has tremendous athletic ability, very gifted. He was mature from the day he got here. He has been very serious about developing, and as a cornerback, I think he's really emerging. We signed him this past offseason in anticipation of him having a great year and he has had a great year, and I think it's a situation where both of us are happy. He's happy to have the security. We're happy to have an emerging star locked up. He's played very, very well for us this year. He's likely to get consideration for the Pro Bowl and should be a Pro-Bowl type guy for many years."

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