Five Questions With Rocky Calmus

Colts LB Rocky Calmus talks about his thoughts on re-signing with Indianapolis, his first days in Indy, Peyton Manning, and a surprising bit of information about another experience he had with the Colts prior to joining the team.

ColtPower's Ed Thompson asked Colts Linebacker Rocky Calmus to share some of his thoughts and experiences with ColtPower fans.

Question: Tell us a little bit about your experience with the trade to the Colts....

Answer: "To be traded within the division to the Colts was a huge surprise. It was a bittersweet situation. I started out with the Titans and it kind of hurts to leave, but I was going to a great team and I knew all about them since we played twice each year. I was excited about going to a great team that competes every year for the playoffs and championships.

Q: During your collegiate career and the period leading up to the draft, did the Colts show any interest in you? Or was the trade the the first indication that the Colts recognized your level of talent?

A: "I did make a visit here before the draft. I came in with a couple of other linebackers. You take what you want from those visits as to whether they're serious or whether they're trying to play games with another team. But they did bring me in for a visit."

Q: How odd was it arriving in Indy knowing you were going to be wearing the uniform of a team that was one of your biggest rivals over the last couple of years?

A: "It was a little weird. I mean everything -- new uniform, new town, new organization, new coaches, new staff, playing in a dome. It's a bit of an adjustment, but I'm looking forward to it."

Q: What kind of a reception did you get? Did anyone really go out of their way to make you feel welcome?

A: "Even though I was the new guy coming in, everyone was nice. Being slotted behind David Thornton and knowing him through the draft and through playing each other, he was great. He showed me some things. There was one thing that really surprised me though. One of the biggest guys in the league, one of the hottest players the last two or three years -- Peyton -- welcomed me. After the first practice he told me to call on him if I had any questions or needed help finding anything. I found that to be pretty cool that he would take his time to do that for a new, ex-rival guy that comes into town."

Q:  Bill Polian made some nice comments about you and how the Colts were excited about bringing you back next year. You're a free agent at the end of the year. Is that your first choice -- to stay in Indy at this point -- or do you think you'll be shopping around?

A: "My agent and I haven't really talked about that because I really just want to focus on getting strong. In a way it's in my control, but it's out of my control. It was very encouraging to hear that. The short amount of time I have been there, the players are great. It's just a different atmosphere from where I came from -- with everything. The coaches are great. Coach Dungy -- what he stands for, what he believes, how he coaches -- is great to be around. It is an ideal situation. I had high hopes and expectations coming in and it's almost humiliating that they had high hopes for me too, and I get hurt. So I'd like to be around and show them what they traded for and the kind of guy they have."


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