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With the addition of another win to their undefeated season, the Colts are once again the buzz of the media on this fine Monday. Here's your guide to the best articles and quotes, so you don't have to take the time to find them yourself.

Jim Litke at the Porterville Recorder shares some good quotes from Colts players about the pass to Dallas Clark that wrapped up yesterday's win. And he also has some good quotes from them on what they'd like to do in regards to the next three weeks, including this one from Edgerrin James. "Right now, it's just a groove that we're in, and we just want to keep going."

Patrick Ridgell at The Daily Times-Call in northern Colorado naturally focused his column today on the Denver Broncos, who narrowly escaped with a victory over the mediocre Baltimore Ravens. But in his column, he made one statement that was definitely worth sharing.

"The Broncos do deserve to feel good about themselves for several reasons," he wrote. "Not the least of which is because on this season where everyone in the NFL is playing for second — let's not kid ourselves, no one's beating the Colts this year — they continue to win when they're expected to, avoiding the kind of loss that could strike panic in those who care most."

I wonder if everyone else would just agree, roll over and play dead and ask the league to put the Lombardi Trophy in the mail this week for the Colts. I doubt it, but the quote sure shows how others are seeing the awesome display of football Indianapolis has put together this year.

Mike Bianchi at Newsday declares that, "This is the team a football-fanatical nation should be rooting for to finish unbeaten. A team that's fun to watch. Superstars who respect the game. A coach who's easy to like." His column is our pick of the day, so be sure to read this one. For those of you who howled yesterday as Jags Head Coach Jack Del Rio and his thugs lost their cool against the Colts, you'll thoroughly enjoy his quotes like, "Del Rio tried to beat the Colts by coaching by the book. Except his book is the Dick and Jane primer. The Colts are reading from Virgil's The Aeneid translated from Latin."

Okay, yesterday I thought former Colts linebacker Mike Peterson was unfairly being bashed for his late hit on Reggie Wayne. Based on his initial reaction, I believed he simply didn't hear a whistle or didn't see the initial contact on Wayne, and based on a quote of his, that appears to be the case. However, I also thought that until the Colts charged him and got in his face after the hit, he appeared to be a bit repentant for his action after he saw the flag and realized he screwed up. But this quote just left me dumbfounded, as it seems he doesn't think he should have been flagged at all.

"The one they called on me, the guy [Wayne] jumped up like he was getting ready to run," Peterson said. "If I give up on the play and they run in the end zone, then Mike Peterson isn't doing his job. Mike Peterson hits him when the guy's still running [forward], and they call a pushing foul on me?

"What am I supposed to do, not touch him? I don't know, they couldn't give me an answer."

Ummm, Mike? Wayne was on one knee, not running forward when you smacked him (or "pushed" him as you called it). And I'm guessing that you were taught a long time ago that when a whistle is blown the play is over….period. How's that for an answer? But Peterson believes that since he didn't hear a whistle, it didn't exist.

He told the Jacksonville media, "The only way to determine if he is down or not is a whistle. There wasn't a whistle."

For a good article on the Colts reaction, check out Phillip Wilson's, "Some of Jags' Hits Were Cheap" article at the Indianapolis Star.

Jim Mashek at the Sun Herald asks "Can the Colts become the second team in the Super Bowl era to finish a season undefeated?" He thinks so.

"I don't know about you, but I like the Colts' chances. They're that much better than everybody else," he writes. Take a look at his column for some good perspectives on the '72 Dolphins and some other teams that the Colts are being compared to these days.

Bob Matthews at Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle is clearly impressed with the Colts. In his column today he noted "The Colts appear unstoppable. They've averaged 34.4 points in the last 10 games and haven't trailed since Week 6. They beat host Jacksonville 26-18 Sunday and padded huge advantages in several significant categories this season: 39-12 in sacks; 25-15 in takeaways; 48-20 in touchdowns." Those are some really amazing numbers if you take a moment to think about them.

Former Colts cornerback Donald Strickland made his debut as a Philadelphia Eagle on Sunday after being listed as inactive for his first two games with the team. He played the nickel back position and made seven tackles. "I was just trying to get a comfort zone out there," Strickland told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I knew I was going to play a lot in nickel packages, and I felt pretty good, especially as the game went on." Fortunately for Strickland, there's only 3 weeks left in Philadelphia's season. So he just might make it through the rest of the year without an injury.

The Colts continue to do well in the injury department with the only significant one being a sprained left foot by defensive tackle Corey Simon that forced him out of the game early. Hopefully he'll be back in time to help the Colts' clog up the interior running lanes against San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson.

We'll wrap up this edition of the "Blitz" with this dandy from Jon Saraceno at USA Today. He writes, "Destiny is giving you the eye, beckoning with an enticing index finger to come and play. Your undefeated, barely challenged 13-0 Indianapolis Colts are the story of the 2005 season. Your team is on the cusp of history. ESPN will trace every step; NFL Films would immortalize the moment." And he even makes a nice reference that hometown fans will surely love.

"Playing in the climate-controlled, fast-track, decibel-deafening RCA Dome is a huge plus for Indianapolis, sort of like asking a teenager to take the SAT while sitting at a Metallica concert."

Good stuff. Make sure you take a few minutes and read this one.

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