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Clark Judge at had a column about a week ago where he polled some NFL personnel on how to beat the Colts. Today he bangs a familiar drum, trying to figure out how the Chargers can beat the Colts. Sure, he acknowledges that the Colts are the better team, but he still wonders out loud about whether the Chargers could be better than the Colts "for one afternoon."

"Few give the Chargers a chance," he writes. "But they haven't lost a game by more than four points since Sept. 26, 2004. Plus, Manning doesn't have a 300-yard game at home this season."

Here's the full story that may leave you grinding your teeth a bit.

Ever wonder how Tony Dungy keeps his players motivated with yelling at them, jumping up and down, or embarrassing them in the media like some other coaches do? It's simple. He gives them the look.

 "He'll look at you and you know; you've disappointed him," said Dwight Freeney as relayed by John Oehser in his article at "He won't go crazy or get in your face screaming. It's more a case where you miss a gap or something and he comes to you and said, 'You know, we did work on that this week.' "

"You don't want to see that," Robert Mathis adds. "That's worse than being yelled at; getting that look."

 Be sure to read Dungy Walks Softly, But Carries a Big Playbook.  It'll bring a smile to your face and help you forget about Clark Judge's article.

Okay, well it would have if I hadn't just mentioned it again. Sorry.

Did you notice there hasn't been much mention of the possibility of a third consecutive MVP award for Peyton Manning? Well, Jeff Legwold made a reference to it today in his column at the Rocky Mountain News. Legwold makes his case saying, "Despite ranking 12th in the league in attempts (394), he is second in passing yards (3,290) and tied for first (with Cincinnati's Carson Palmer) in touchdown passes (27).  Manning also leads the league in passer rating (108.2)." If Manning does earn the honor again, he'd become just the second player to achieve it, along with the Packers' Brett Favre.

Dave Goldberg of the Associated Press agrees with Legwold, stating that Manning is the "most important player on the NFL's best team." Check out his full article by clicking here.

Two days ago, ColtPower's Jess Huffman provided an in-depth look at Edgerrin James and LaDainian Thomas and their matchup this weekend for our Premium Members. Now Mike Silver at wonders if James' success this season, along with Seahawks running back Shawn Alexander's will translate into the offseason payday that neither one was able to achieve earlier this year.

"Or haven't you stat-geeks noticed that Alexander (1,496 yards) and James (1,440 yards) are the NFL's top two rushers," he asks. "That they happen to play for the teams with the two best records only adds to the drama, for if the Colts and Seahawks meet in Super Bowl XL, no one will ever again be able to question the value of a premier running back."

Former Colts cornerback Donald Strickland has settled in with the Eagles, and he claims that he's just happy to be with a team that wants him after meandering from tryout to tryout for a few weeks. "I was real hurt [by the Colts' decision],'' Strickland told The Philadelphia Daily News. "I was coming in as a starter, for one. I worked my body tremendously in the offseason to prove I'd be there. Injuries do happen. They're a part of the game, but now I understand much better the business side of this game.''

You can read the entire article on Strickland by clicking here.

Comments and Quotes

Vic Ketchman at responded to a question in his column about what the Chargers need to do to beat the Colts this weekend. Ketchman replied: 

"Run the ball. You have, arguably, the best running back in the game in LaDainian Tomlinson. Corey Simon isn't going to play. Trust me, Marty Schottenheimer doesn't need an engraved invitation to know what to do: Run the ball. The Chargers' deficiency is pass-defense, at which they rank 27th in the league. That's even more reason to run the ball. The Chargers have to dominate time of possession and keep Peyton Manning on the bench to have any chance of winning this game." 

Here's an interesting piece of trivia for you. When the Packers play the Ravens this weekend, it will be their first trip to Baltimore since 1982 when they played to a 20-20 tie against the Baltimore Colts. That's probably going to be about the time span that we'll see before the schedule-makers force the Patriots to play a regular season game in Indy again.

Did you know? The Colts have only trailed twice all season: 3-0 against the Jaguars and 17-0 against the Rams.

Eagles defensive end Jevon Kearse, a former Tennessee Titan, doesn't see anyone in the NFC that can compete with Indianapolis this year.

"I haven't seen anybody strong enough to beat [the Colts] right now," he said. "Indy will be playing against themselves in the Super Bowl."

Powerful Posts

An old feature that was a fan favorite now returns as part of our News Blitz. If you provide a link to a great story, create a really interesting debate or share an intriguing or hilarious opinion in our ColtPower Fan Forum, you just might be immortalized in the Powerful Post area of our News Blitz. People will be stopping you on the street for your autograph. Honest. So give it a try and put up your best stuff in there. And maybe it'll end up in here. Ironic, huh?

Why do that? Well, not all of our visitors read our forums, so this is a way they can take a look at the very best info from there. Believe it or not, some of them come here strictly for the articles…imagine that.  I guess those writers are worth keeping around after all. 

So here are a couple entries worthy of note today. Congratulations to the forum community members who are now the first to have a Powerful Post listed since our move to 

  • Rev Colt pointed out this dandy by Jarrett Bell at USA Today. It includes this quote from NFL Films Steve Sabol, which gave me the shivers. Or maybe it's just really cold here today. Hmmm…

    "They give out rings for winning the Super Bowl. But they immortalize men who go undefeated."

    (Insert appropriate roar of the crowd your mind)

    And don't miss the section of the article that points out 13 reasons why the Colts can win out. I really wish he had stopped at 12….or maybe tossed one more in there to make it 14…not that I'm superstitious or anything….honest. Now excuse me for a moment while I go give the lucky horseshoe that hangs over the doorway to my room a rub or two.

  • tholm627 opened up a fine can of worms by asking "should we go after the '72 Dolphins?"  He says, "put the pedal to the floor and go for the record." So far, he's drawn 22 replies in this grand debate.

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