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Here's today's tour de force of the best Colts news and information from around the web, including injury updates on ten Colts starters.

Quotable: "This loss is terrible for the Colts for two reasons. They have lost the air of invincibility that, no matter the score, they can come back and beat you. Second, doubt now creeps into the Colts' heads. Can the Colts win the big game with Peyton Manning? Can Tony Dungy coach a team to the Super Bowl? These questions would have been around Indy even if they went 16-0, but with the loss to the Chargers, the questions will be really loud in January." -- Mike Maniscolco,

Dave Goldberg of the Associated Press is already drumming up Patriots – Colts playoff hype more than a week before the wildcard playoff matchups are even set. And he's trying to portray the Patriots as a more menacing version of the San Diego Chargers in his article Colts Should Pray for a Patriots Loss. Sorry Dave, I'm not buying it. The Patriots don't have the speed and overall talent level of the Chargers defense. And New England has the sixth-worst defense in the league and a secondary that's in shambles. Nice try, though.

For nostalgia buffs, take a peek at Elliott Kalb's article at where he proclaims the 1967 Baltimore Colts as the best team ever to not make the playoffs – and learn why.

Quotable: "One of the biggest disappointments of the Colts' loss Sunday is that we have to deal with another year of those self-important, crotchety old Dolphins players reveling in somebody else's misery." -- Jennifer Floyd Engel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

If any of you are feeling bitter towards the Chargers over Sunday's loss, take comfort in this. They still aren't in a position to make the playoffs unless they get some help. Two weeks from today they could be sitting at home wishing they had just found a way to win one more game during the year.

Colts radio announcer Bob Lamey got blasted in the New York Daily News by Bob Raissman. About halfway down his column, he did a section on Lamey's call of the Colts-Chargers game, titling that segment "So Lamey" and saying, "Crying time for this homer came as he called Michael Turner's 83-yard TD run, sealing the deal for San Diego with 2:03 left. If you ever wondered how play-by-play of a funeral would sound, this was it."

Injury Updates

No less than ten Colts starters will either be sidelined or should see minimal activity on Saturday due to injuries.

Ryan Diem (knee): The Colts' starting right offensive tackle is expected to miss at least four weeks.

Cato June (ankle/knee/groin): Likely to sit until the playoffs.

Marvin Harrison (hand): Harrison has a mild fracture that apparently wouldn't be aggravated if he played, but the Colts appear to be leaning towards keeping him out of the Seattle game. He should be healed in two weeks whether he plays or not.

Peyton Manning (knee): Manning experienced some swelling in one of his knees, but it's not considered to be serious enough to keep him from playing. That said, it's doubtful he'll see much action on Saturday.

Dwight Freeney (foot): Aggravated a foot injury that plagued him a good portion of this season. He's not expected to play on Saturday unless the Colts really get short on manpower at the defensive end spot.

Robert Mathis (foot): He missed last weekend's game and is expected to sit again, putting the Colts' two best pass rushers on the sideline.

Corey Simon (ankle): Like Mathis, he's expected to miss another week at least after sitting out the Chargers game.

Bob Sanders (back): He was a workhorse on Sunday with 20 tackles, but that took a toll on him. Bill Polian said he could miss not only this Saturday, but the regular season finale against the Cardinals as well.

Montae Reagor (knee): Reagor was going for an MRI, putting his availability in doubt.

Nick Harper (ankle): Harper sprained his ankle, which could force him out of Saturday's game.

Powerful Post from our Fan Forum

"The joy that others take in yesterday's loss by our football team will not take away from how much I have enjoyed this season. it is as simple as that." -- John Cimasko in the post "The Joy"

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