Compassion For Dungy Family Pours In

Please join ColtPower in showing your support for Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy and his family...

When tragedy strikes, it's always hard to comprehend. But when it comes swiftly with devastating force to a person who is both admired and respected like Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy, it's just simply unfathomable.

Tony and Lauren Dungy lost their oldest son, James, who was found dead at the age of 18 in his apartment in Lutz, FL outside of Tampa. For more on the story from a news perspective, you can click here to read the Associated Press article at

At ColtPower, we just can't bring ourselves to treat this as a news story. Instead, we will use this space and our ability to reach fans through, and Yahoo! to rally support for the Dungy family.

As a tribute to the entire Dungy family, ColtPower will make a donation to the memory of James Dungy to a charitable organization that Tony Dungy has shown tremendous personal support for over the years. It's called All-Pro Dad and helps teach men how to be better fathers. I can think of no better way to pay tribute to Tony Dungy and his relationship with his son. If you'd like to make a donation as well, click here to visit their donations page. You can also write a message of support for the Dungy family by clicking this link.

We also wanted to share in this article the heartfelt compassion for the entire Dungy family by listing some of the comments from fans across the NFL who have posted in our Fan Forum today. We felt these selected comments capture some of the feelings that undoubtedly reflect the emotions being felt by so many today as they express their support for this wonderful, highly respected man and his family at this difficult time.

Please keep the Dungy family in your thoughts and prayers.

Condolences from our ColtPower Fan Forum:

"To the entire Dungy family...there are no words to describe how saddened we are for your's unimaginable. May the prayers and support of the Colt's fans and organization provide some small comfort..."

"This just breaks my heart."

"All the best to Tony and his family from Seahawk Nation."

"Can't keep back the tears, and this for a man I've never met. I guess it shows the high regard we all hold Coach in."

"I pray that Tony's faith helps get him and his family through this awful tragedy."

"Oh dear Lord... God, please be with Tony and family during this time."

"Tony and family, you are in our prayers and I am hoping your faith in God can help guide you through this horrible tragedy."

"I would normally think it inappropriate to offer sympathy to fans for a coach's tragedy, but as a man as inherently decent as Dungy is truly part of the community. I'm really sorry to hear about this, guys."

"You, the entire Colts family, and most importantly the Dungy family have my personal sympathies, along with the sympathies of your friends from the Jets board."

"I just hope he finds some comfort knowing that so many people around the country are caring about him and his family right now."

"I am fighting back the tears. A tragic loss."

"He and his family will remain in my prayers."

"I can't believe the horrible gut wrenching feeling I have and can't get rid of. For a man and his family whom I have never met this is hitting me very hard."

"As a Tampa native, I would like to offer my heart-felt condolences to the Dungy family and the Indianapolis community. Coach Dungy was, and still is, beloved by all in the Tampa community and his loss will affect at least two communities and the whole NFL family. I only hope that Tony's faith carries him to a peaceful place during these difficult times. Please know that Tampa mourns with you."

To read all of the notes of support from the fans, or to add yours, please click here.

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