Today's Game Not Meaningless For Colts

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and linebacker Cato June spoke to the media this week, dispelling any talk of today's game against Seattle as being "meaningless" for Indianapolis.


(on if they are game-planning any less for Seattle than normal)

"No. We're trying to prepare for them, prepare for the team and the looks they have in order to try and find the best way to execute against their defense."

(on if he sees some benefit in QB-Jim Sorgi seeing some time)

"You know I think anytime anyone gets a chance to play in a regular season game I think it's a valuable experience. I do think the regular season is much different than the preseason whether it's a young running back or OL-Dylan Gandy playing the other day against San Diego."

(on if there is a such thing as a meaningless game)
"I don't think there is such a thing, not in the NFL, not in the regular season. Our approach is to go up there and try to get a win. We want to try and get better during the week and get better during this game."

(on the good timing of the injuries)
"If a player is dinged up and could use this game to rest it is certainly a nice opportunity to have. Whether its DB-Bob Sanders or DT-Corey Simon, guys we're going to need in the postseason, this gives them a chance to get healthy. It's nice to be able to have that option."

(on how nice it is to have multiple defenders going to the Pro Bowl)
"It's well deserved. For Dwight [Freeney] to go it's some what of a no brainer, but I'm very happy for Cato June and Bob Sanders, guys that have had outstanding years, and guys that have worked hard. It always feels good when you're out there and you got guys with the same helmet as you. It makes you feel good about the team that you play for and you feel that you're well represented. 


(on what he makes of the game at Seattle)
"It means a lot. It's another game and we want to win every game no matter who plays. You want to go out there and compete and play hard and get better each week because the playoffs are coming and it's not time to go on a decline right now."

(on going to the Pro Bowl)

"It's great feeling that my teammates around me have helped me get there. An opportunity came and I took advantage of that."

(on how far the defense has come since last year)
"We've come a long way. Guys are playing with more confidence. Guys are getting recognized for being top players and inevitably our defense is doing better. It's about time our Colts' defense has stepped up to the plate and held our own weight."

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