Manning: Playoffs Will Be A "Slugfest"

Peyton Manning handled questions from the media this week concerning the AFC Playoffs.

(on having so many good teams in the AFC playoff picture)
"This year's AFC playoffs are going to be a slugfest. We have the bye which is good, but I look forward to watching wild card weekend. There are going to be four really good teams playing and only two teams can win. San Diego's missing the playoffs and they're a good team. There's going to be two teams that get beat on wild card weekend that are two excellent football teams. So it just shows you what kind of conference it's been this year. It's going to carry over into the playoffs for sure."

(on no matter who they play it will be a tough game)
"No question, it's going to be an outstanding playoff run and all six teams are going to be excellent. The key for us is we want to get a win this week against Arizona and just try to put ourselves in the best position to win in the playoffs."

(on if it will affect them going into the playoffs if they have lost three straight)
"It's certainly not what we want to do. We don't want to lose any games. Hopefully we can take care of that this Sunday."

(on how good the Colts are at turning it off and on)
"I don't think you ever necessarily turn it on and turn it off, but obviously the key in the playoffs is to make the plays at the critical times and convert the third-and-ones and be able to punch it into the end-zone down on the goal-line. The idea has been to get ourselves ready all season long for the playoff games and to be playing at the highest level."

(on why he thinks the Colts will be playing their best in January)
"We're working hard and we've got good players and guys are focused. But there's no question that it's going to be a tough challenge."

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