Green: Colts Counterpunch With "Sharp Dagger"

Arizona Head Coach Dennis Green spoke to the media this week about Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy, why his team has struggled this season, and much more.

(on Peyton Manning's development over the years)
"It's incredible. I just think offensively he has such a great understanding of what the offense can do. He has it fine tuned to the max. I've watched them a lot and one game they might run the ball 18 consecutive times for two touchdowns and never throw a pass. Another game they might throw 18 consecutive times for two touchdowns and never run the ball. It's his ability and Offensive Coordinator Tom Moore's ability, too, to look at what a team does, look at how they're going to block and defend them and then counterpunch them very quickly with a very sharp dagger."

(on what has gone wrong for the Cardinals this year)

"I'd say a combination of three things. One, way too many injuries at key positions. We have two players from our original front eight on defense, we have three players from our original nine on offense and a lot of other injuries. Number two, the schedule. We opened at New York then we had to play St. Louis, then we had to go to Seattle, then we played a couple games, went to Mexico and then we had to go to Dallas. I just think those three NFC teams are playoff NFC teams, probably, and they were a little bit more physical than us. Number three, we didn't really run the ball very well. I think we throw the ball okay, we play run defense okay, pass defense okay, so we have to improve in all three of those areas. We've been running the ball the worst in the league, and if you don't run you put your whole situation in jeopardy."

(on if the lack of a running game is because they playing from behind a lot)
"I think that's part of it. We have not been able to stop people. We've done some things defensively, but at one point we had played eight games and four of those eight games starting the first half or the second half, our defense had given up a touchdown. Crazy things like that where it would take a long time for us to get going on defense and then we would be behind. Run offense requires a lot of communication, a lot of feel for each other and we've had I think fourteen different combinations, centers playing guard, guards playing tackles, tackles playing guards and we've never had a chance to get five guys working together to be able to handle the intricacies of run blocking."

(on having to bounce back from one QB to another)
"Well, everybody hopes that they have a good number two quarterback and a good number three quarterback because you're one hit away from you're number two taking the field. We felt good when QB-Josh [McCown] went in to play, and he's held us and played pretty well. It just makes it that much more difficult. If you can be one of those lucky teams that have been lucky enough to have their starting quarterback the whole time, that probably helps them s little bit."

(on if WR-Larry Fitzgerald and WR-Anquan Boldin are as good as advertised)
"They're really good players. They're young exciting guys. Larry Fitzgerald is only 22 years old, but he has a strong body and will go get the ball and get it in traffic. Anquan Boldin is only 25 and he can make those same types of plays. Anquan can make a lot of plays after the catch. He can catch it and break tackles. They're both real strong and they love the game. We have to get a lot more players like them."

(on if losing going into the playoffs hurts a team)
"No. You have your training camp and preseason and that's a season. The regular season is where you make things happen, and 13-2 is a spectacular regular season. When that is over, the playoff season starts."

(on if not making a Super Bowl would define the careers Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning)
"That's ridiculous. Some were fortunate enough to play on the right team at the right time. I think you're always judged on how you play. Year in and year out Tony Dungy takes a team and puts one on the field that will compete in every game and at the end of the year and compete in the playoffs. And Peyton Manning has done the exact same thing. I think it is very difficult to go to New England and win in January. I don't care how good of a team you have with the kind of team New England has. Having a team at home will make a difference, but there still are no guarantees."

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