Dungy: Wants to Regain "Home-Field Feeling"

Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy shared his thoughts about Sunday's game, how his defensive players are selected for his system and more when he spoke to the media on Friday.

(on how this whole season including the preseason trip to Tokyo has prepared the Colts for the playoffs)
"We've done a lot of different things. We've had to play different combinations. We haven't really lost a lot of guys to IR, but we've had guys that have had to step in and play a game here or a quarter here and they've done it well. So I think it is going to prepare us. It's funny how the Lord works things out. We had the Japan trip and you think it's going to be a long year and we're able to rest guys the last three games of the season, so it's working out as well as you could expect."

(on how the Arizona game will help for the playoffs)
"I think it's going to help us get some more guys playing in pressurized situations, and we want to regain our home-field feeling. We didn't come off our last home game feeling the way that we wanted to, and I think it's going to be important for us to go out and regain that."

(on how Reggie Wayne has handled being overlooked again for the Pro Bowl this season)
"It's always tough. You want to go, you want to get recognized, and he's had a tremendous year. To catch that many balls and make that many big plays…I was just reading about Anquan Boldin. He's at almost 100 catches and almost 1,400 yards and he's not going. So, everyone can't go, but Reggie has had a Pro Bowl year, and he's playing at a level as high as any receiver in the league."

(on what he sees from Arizona)
"Having worked with Denny [Green] for four years, I know what he's trying to develop, and some of the parts are there. They don't have quite everything yet. He has a high-tempo offense and a really fly-around, create-problems defense, and that's what he always try to provide. What they haven't had is the consistency that he's looking for, but they have some young players who are dynamic. He has the receivers to build around. J.J. Arrington's going to be a really good back. He has some defense linemen that can rush the passer, and that's where it starts, up front. So, I think they've got a lot of elements there. I see a lot of the things that we had in the early nineties at Minnesota."

(on how he thinks Sunday will help his healing)
"It will be an important step for me. The first time back out there on the field and the first time in the Dome and I'm sure I'll have a lot of thoughts and a lot of emotions, but it will be good to be back in our environment in front of our home crowd. People have supported us as a team so well since I've been here, and supported our family so much in the last week."

(on players fitting in his defense that may not fit somewhere else)
"In a lot of cases we're not always looking for the same people that everyone else is looking for. We stack our draft board and we have a lot of guys that we have ranked really highly and we know that they're not going to go that high, that the rest of the league maybe has questions about them because they don't fit the style for everybody. You can get some of those guys and they can play really productively because they are good players. They're real, productive, college players and we kind of like them and we get them at a bargain."

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