Colts Q&A: Makoa Freitas

ColtPower's Ed Thompson spoke to Colts offensive lineman Makoa Freitas about the injury that ended his season, how his recovery is progressing, and what the future holds for the versatile offensive lineman.

Offensive lineman Makoa Freitas was a sixth-round selection by the Colts in the 2003 draft out of the University of Arizona. Following his first training camp, he was placed on the team's practice squad initially, but landed on the regular roster by the end of September. He made six starts as a rookie, replacing Tarik Glenn at left tackle due to an injury. In 2004, Freitas played in all 16 regular season games, seeing action during five of them on the offensive line. Freitas' 2005 season ended during the final preseason game at Cincinnati as a result of a foot injury. He recently answered a few questions for ColtPower regarding his progress.

Question:  Let's talk about the preseason a bit. You were seeing reps primarily at guard this year in the preseason after doing a nice job at left offensive tackle filling in for Tarik Glenn for a few games during your rookie season. Why the change?

Answer:  Our center, Jeff Saturday, had a slight tear in his hamstring. So we moved our usual left guard, Ryan Lilja, to center. I've always been a guard/center/tackle kind of guy, so Coach Mudd moved me to left guard to fill in the hole. 

Q:  Are you more comfortable at one position or the other?

A:  No, I feel comfortable at all five. 

Q:  You hurt your foot in the final preseason game against Cincinnati. Tell us how it happened and the extent of the injury.

A:  I was playing right tackle and was blocking the defensive end. One of the Bengals defenders fell on my foot, and it kind of got rolled up on from behind. I felt sort of a popping  in my foot. It started swelling up really fast. And then they took x-rays at halftime and I found out I had torn the lisfranc ligament. I had done the same thing in college, it's the second time I've done it. 

Q:  Tell us a bit about what's involved with your rehab.

A: Basically, it's a six-month long rehab. They went in, reattached the ligament, put in two screws. And then in two to four months -- for me it's four months -- which will be in January, they'll take the screws out [surgically]. Then we wait for the holes to fill up, and then I can start the rehab. 

Q:  What's the prognosis for the future? Is this something the doctors are saying you'll be susceptible to because of the repeated damage to it?

A:  The doctor's not really sure. I don't think he's ever seen someone do it twice. So we're really not sure what's going to happen, but that's why we're being real cautious about the rehab. But so far, so good.

Q:  You were a sixth-round pick by the Colts back in 2003. Did you know they were interested in you, or did you expect to land with another team?

A:  I had no idea they were interested in me. Going into draft day, I was kind of in the dark. But I'm happy they picked me, and I've enjoyed my stay in Indianapolis. 

Q:  This season has to be bittersweet for doubt happy for your teammates but wishing you could be out there on the field with them.

A:  Yeah, but I can't. So I try my best to cheer them on and help anyway I can.

Q:  How active are you allowed to be while you're on injured reserve? Are you still involved in the game-planning sessions and film review?

A:  You can be as active as you want to be. You can go to all the meetings. You don't go to the away games. You don't go to the hotel the night before [a home game]. But just being with the guys, being in the locker room is still helpful.

Q:  You'll be a restricted free agent at the end of this season. Have the Colts given you any strong indication that they'll be bringing you back for 2006?

A:  They have not so far, but I know this is something that Mr. Polian likes to deal with after the season. Following the last game there's a team meeting where he addresses free agency and he tells us not to worry, that they'll be in touch with us.

Q:  What's the most interesting thing that Colts fans probably don't know about Makoa Freitas?

A:  I come from a football family. My dad, Rockne, played 12 years in the NFL. My brother and I played together at the University of Arizona. He was the right tackle, I was the left tackle. He had a shot with the Oakland Raiders.


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