Dungy On the Steelers

Colts head coach Tony Dungy talked about Jerome Bettis, Antwaan Randle El, Bill Cowher's trick plays and more while speaking to the media on Monday.

(on what is different with the Steelers running game since they played the Colts)
"It's not a whole lot different. I think when you play well and do your job well, you get good results, and I think they're playing a little bit sharper and maybe with a little bit more resolve. I think they made a commitment to run the ball when they left here and they're certainly doing it very well."

(on the trick plays that Pittsburgh is known for)
"They are part of the game and part of their attack. They've done them for years. I remember when I was in Tampa and RB-Jerome Bettis threw a halfback pass on a big play and beat us down there. They have guys that can do it. WR-Atwaan [Randle El] gives them and added dimension, WR-Hines Ward is able to throw the ball. They do a lot of things. That's one thing, when you're a power team, you can keep people from pursuing with those gadget plays."

(on RB-Jerome Bettis switching roles from feature back to a closer)
"It's rare. Those guys that have been on that plateau for a long time. It's hard for them to come down play a complimentary role. Jerome's a professional, he's a great guy and he's very much a team player. He took less money to stay in Pittsburgh and he's taken a diminished role because he wants to win a Super Bowl. That's what helps you become a great football team. They have a lot of guys like that, but he's certainly the ring leader."

(on how Antwaan Randle El rates as a threat in this game)
"Antwaan is a special guy. He can get his hands on the ball in a lot of different ways. He's had punt returns for big plays, he's had reverses, he's had catches, he's thrown the ball, so he's a guy that's probably going to touch it 10 to 15 times in the course of a game and he can go the distance on any one of those or create that for someone else. Last game we were able to fairly well hold him in check and I think that will be a big key if we can do that again this week. We're pretty high on him. We knew that he had the capabilities of being a special guy with his hands on the ball and you didn't know how long it was going to take to make the adjustment to be a real polished receiver, but while he was doing that you know he can do some things in the return game. They [Steelers] jumped out and took him in the right spot and beat some people to the punch. Anybody that scouted him saw that special ability."

(on Bill Cowher always having a trick play and how you prepare for it)
"You just have to play football. You have to read your keys and believe it and you can't relax. You have to be on top of your job whether you're front line on the kick returns, on the punt return or fake field goals. It's just part of your job that you have to read your keys and you can't assume that anything is going to take place. If you're on top of your job and on the details, you can turn those into big plays for you and in the first game we were able to do that one time."

(on the taunting that was going on during the first meeting between the Steelers and Colts)
"Well, I don't think there will be any intimidation, but obviously there is going to be high energy and high emotion. We were disappointed in ourselves. That was one of the things we did poorly in the first game. We didn't keep our emotions in check, so we're going to have to have that energy and feed off the energy in the building but play smart and under control, and hopefully we learned from the first game."

(on if the crowd noise was the loudest he's heard it against the Steelers on Monday Night Football)
"I think it was probably all of those Pittsburgh fans that got into the game that brought their noise makers inside those towels. It's been loud in our building and we anticipate it being loud, but I don't think that's going to be much of a factor. I don't think we can rely on the home-field, we can't rely on the fact that we've beaten them before. We have to come out and play, and I think that's what our guys are anticipating."

(on if it was important for them to run well against the Steelers in the first game)
"The way we approached it was what the game allowed. We got some pass plays early on and then they played a little more two deep against us and we were able to get some runs. We'll have to see how they're going to play us this time, but hopefully we can be two-dimensional and run and throw it."

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