Dwight Freeney: Steelers "Are Who They Are"

On Thursday, Dwight Freeney talked to the media about his injury status, the Steelers, getting double-teamed, Bob Sanders, and more!

 (on how he feels physically)

"I feel pretty good.  It doesn't really matter at this point.  If it feels good or it doesn't feel good, I am going to be out there playing." 

(on Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger)

"The big thing with Ben is that he knows when to run and when to throw.  He makes accurate throws. He doesn't take a lot of chances when he throws the ball."


(on RB-Jerome Bettis)

"He is running very hard.  He is running like the old Bus. You really have to wrap him up.  You can't have one guy trying to make a tackle on him."

(on playing against OT-Marvel Smith)

"He is a veteran.  It is always harder to play against a veteran.  Marvel is a confident guy.  He was All-Pro for a reason.  It is going to be a tough matchup."

(on being frustrated when facing a double team)

"I'm not frustrated by it anymore.  It t comes with the territory. Maybe sometime in my second year I may have been frustrated.  I wasn't used to that.  If you want to double team me, so be it. We've got a lot of great guys on the left side of me that perform."

(on Pittsburgh's philosophy when RB-Willie Parker is in the game)

 "Willie has a lot more speed than the Bus, so they run more outside plays, but they still pound it with him."

(on what Bob Sanders brings to the Colts defense)

"He brings a lot of intensity.  He comes down into the box and makes big plays when you have to make big plays."

(on what the Steelers might attempt to do different from the first game)

"I don't know.  The Steelers are who they are.  They run the ball.  They like to pound the ball.  We understand that.  It is going to be hard for them to change up all of a sudden and become a dominant passing team."

(on the advantage of playing at home with a noisy crowd)

"That's home field advantage. When you go on the road you have to deal with crowd noise.  That's always been a part of football, playoff games or no playoff games."

(on problems the Colts offense creates for defenses)

"The thing is with our offense you don't know if they are going to run or pass.  Peyton (Manning) and Edgerrin (James) do a great job of selling the run. They get those (line)backers to bite on the run. Sometimes on play action passes, they are up too far in the box and you can throw over their head."

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