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Get the latest update on QB Tom Arth's contract situation ... find out where two former Colts offensive linemen will be playing in '06 ... and don't miss the shots at the Colts by two columnists in today's ColtPower Quick Hits!

ColtPower has learned that QB Tom Arth's contract with the Colts officially ended this week, signaling that he'll be playing elsewhere during the 2006 season.

Arth spent the 2005 season on the practice squad after spending two years assisting the Peyton Manning with film breakdown and analysis. But the young, talented quarterback out of John Carroll University doesn't appear to be in the Colts' 2006 plans with both Jim Sorgi and Travis Brown expected to battle for the second-string position behind Manning.

The Colts are expected to carry just two quarterbacks on the 2006 53-man roster as they did this season, so the move is actually a good opportunity for Arth. Rather than investing another training camp in trying to win a 3-man battle for one backup quarterback position -- with no guarantees of any more playing time than the very limited amount that he received the 2005 preseason -- Arth would benefit from landing with a team where he could at minimum get the opportunity to showcase his talents on an equal footing with the other quarterbacks in camp.

As a result, expect the Colts to look for a new young quarterback either from the ranks of undrafted free agents or the draft who could still qualify for practice squad duty like Arth did this year. ColtPower has placed a call to Arth requesting an interview, so we hope to have more on this developing story in the next few days.

In other Colts-related news, offensive lineman Rob Hunt, a fifth-round pick in the 2005 draft by Indianapolis, has re-signed with the Broncos. Hunt will be one of Denver's designees for NFL Europe duty this spring. Hunt was released by the Colts during their first-round of 2005 training camp cuts. He was subsequently signed to the Broncos practice squad on September 9th.

Another former Colts offensive lineman, Joe Iorio out of Penn State, has signed with the Giants for the 2006 season. After being cut by the Colts during their 2003 training camp, he spent time on the Dolphins, Buccaneers, and even the Colts practice squad prior to signing with the Steelers in January, 2005. After failing to make the roster in Pittsburgh, he was inactive during the 2005 season.

Take a deep breath before you read the rest of today's article.

Check out this quote by Chris Russell of The Sporting News as he tries to make his point that the Steelers will help make this year's Super Bowl exciting.

He asks, "Did we all forget that the Steelers beat the most overrated NFL team of all time, the Indianapolis Colts in their own building???"

The nice thing about his article is that it has one of those "comment on the article" features where you can leave a reply. Be sure to let Chris know what you think of his assessment by clicking here.

If that didn't push you over the edge a bit, perhaps Vic Ketchman at will. A fan told Ketchman that he originally hoped there would be no Collective Bargaining Agreement extension so that the Colts would begin to get jammed up by their big contracts and contract extensions, but he's changed his mind since the CBA holds the league together in so many other ways. Ketchman agreed, but took this shot at the Colts in the process.

"Don't worry about teams such as the Colts," he replied. "Give them more years to push the money out and all they'll do is screw themselves deeper into the ground."

The CBA must be extended by March 3rd when the 2006 cap goes into effect. Without an extension beyond that date, teams won't gain the usual cap benefit of holding onto high-priced veterans until June 1st to spread out the cap hit over two seasons -- because 2007 would be an uncapped year. So without a new CBA by March 3rd, any veteran released will hit a team for the full amount this season. That could present some real problems for some teams who are hoping for some cap relief by jettisoning some overpriced talent without paying the full penalty for it this year.

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