CP Interview: QB Tom Arth, Premium Edition

Tom answers a few more questions, exclusively for our Premium Members!

Q:  Are there any teams you and your agent have targeted as a good match for you based on their current quarterback depth chart situation?

A: There are a few teams my agent has thought would be a good spot for one reason or another, but it's so early on and a lot of teams are busy with their college scouting and getting ready for the draft. I think that within these next few weeks we'll hopefully be able to find some teams showing some interest.

Q: Is the Canadian Football League an option you'll explore as well if it would increase your odds of getting game experience at the professional level?

A:  Definitely. It's something I'd have to think about.  Hopefully sometime over the next few months before training camps begin an NFL team will pick me up. But if that doesn't happen, I'm definitely open to either going up to Canada or trying to get on an arena team.

Q: As you mentioned earlier, it appears the Colts will continue to keep just two quarterbacks on the main roster. If the right offer from another team doesn't come along, would you still welcome the opportunity to stay with the Colts organization, even if it meant another year as the third-string quarterback on the practice squad?

 A: I've had such a great experience the last three years with the Colts that I'd love to be able to stay in Indianapolis and have that opportunity. But I don't feel confident that I would necessarily get that opportunity to play again. I was in a situation this year where the only reason I got an opportunity to play in the preseason was because of an injury. I would be worried that if I came back, I may be in the same situation I was last year -- maybe I'll come in as the fourth even though I was there all year as the third guy. I don't feel comfortable going back into that situation, and I really don't think that will be the best thing for me right now. I'll probably try to go to Canada or the Arena League and try to get some experience there before I did that.

Q:  Before we wrap up our interview today, I've heard that you're expecting your first child?

A: Yes, my wife Lauren and I are. She's just over four months pregnant. We don't know what we're having yet, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks we'll find out. Everything's been going well so far and we're very excited.

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