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Dan Pompei over at the Sporting News put together an interesting piece called "The Dungy ‘D' can be done dirt cheap."

"Three of the most effective defensive teams in the NFL this season – the Bears, Colts and Bucs – used ‘Dungy Defenses,' " he says.  "Three more teams – the Vikings, Lions and Bills – will employ Dungy's principles next season."

Pompei notes that the system is player friendly because it really turns the defensive players loose on every play. Be sure to read this one.

The Associated Press distributed an article that claims the Colts are already looking to next season.  And in the article, two of the Colts' Pro Bowl offensive lineman stated they had no problem with Manning's remarks about the pass protection being poor in the playoff game against the Steelers.

"He said it out of frustration," Saturday said. "I understand that. I didn't take it personally. We didn't do a good job that day."

Said Glenn: "Peyton has a right to make that comment because that's what happened. I would've said the same thing."

Edgerrin James will get to showcase his talent one more time before likely hitting the market as an unrestricted free agent in March. And he'll be doing it in front of Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan who heads up the AFC squad this year. Denver has made some rumblings that they will be looking to upgrade their rushing attack. James has quite a few quotes in this Scripps Howard News Article, including this one:

"I just want to get what's right," James said. "Everybody knows my take on everything. I earn mine, I don't need anybody to go out there and (lobby). I'm a grown man. I don't need anybody to do this or do that. It feels better when you earn it, that's why I work so hard. I don't want a handout."

Vic Ketchman at fielded a question about the Colts being named the early favorite to win the next Super Bowl. His response, as usual, was less than kind.

"When I saw that the Colts are the early favorites for 2006, I broke into a laugh," he wrote. "Are we actually going to do this again? Is this some kind of ‘Groundhog Day' joke? Hasn't Peyton Manning suffered enough? I'm actually starting to feel sorry for the guy."

 Dennis Dillon at the Sporting News provided some insight on the Steelers blitz packages that helped them through the playoffs, including the one that was most effective against the Colts.

"In their divisional playoff victory over Indianapolis, the Steelers blitzed Porter and Farrior from the outside and sent Polamalu up the middle," he notes. "It was effective because the Colts moved their guards to help outside, leaving a void inside."

The rest of the article focuses on what the Steelers did against the Seahawks, but if you'd like to read it, just click here. has two articles up. "Enjoying the Moment" has some good quotes from Peyton Manning like this one where he graciously tips his hat to the Steelers.

"It's been three years in a row, the team that beat us won the Super Bowl," Manning said. "It doesn't soften it. It's disappointing, but Pittsburgh – they deserved it.

"To go on the road three weeks in a row and win, and beat Seattle, they deserved it."

In "Time to Move On," Colts at the Pro Bowl discuss the importance of moving forward since they can't change the past. Bob Sanders reflected an encouraging attitude with one of his quotes.

"It makes you hungry, it really does. When you're around and you feel like it could be you in that game – that's a healthy thing. It's frustrating and disappointing, because you want to be there, but it makes you realize, ‘Hey, there's more work for us to go do. Let's go do it. We've got the right kind of guys who will put in that work.' Hopefully, we can get to that next level."

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