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Marvin Harrison elusive off the field as well ... the NFL's top ten free agents ... the dramatic impact on free agency if the CBA isn't extended ... the edge the Steelers had that the Colts and Seahawks lacked ... and more in today's newswire!

The reports that Marvin Harrison wasn't just elusive on the football field, he continued to avoid reporters, even at the Pro Bowl.

After spending time signing autographs, he told reporters he would "catch them on the way out," as he headed over to visit with ill children who were visiting as part of the Make-A-Wish program. The reporters never did get their interview opportunity as Harrison hit the locker room and then drove away from the stadium.

Pat Kirwan at put together a nice article on the NFL's top ten free agents. He's got Edgerrin James in the tenth spot, saying, "He doesn't have a high ratio of explosive runs (20-plus yards) for the number of carries he gets, especially against all the seven-in-the-box defenses Indianapolis faces, but he is a very productive back. I doubt he gets a team to break the bank for him and the Colts may get a shot at him later on in the process."

That said, Kirwan notes that James would look good in a Cardinals uniform. You can read his entire article here.

Confused by all this talk of what the lack of an extension to the Collective Bargaining Agreement will have on the future of the Colts? Well, Kirwan wrote another gem, What to expect in an uncapped year that outlines the impact an uncapped year would have on free agency in 2007. Bottom line, players would be able to negotiate for as much money as they can get, but would have to wait longer to become an unrestricted free agent. As a result, many players who would normally hit the market next year won't be able to. And that could make free agent pickings next year very slim.

Gerry Dulac at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette lists The ten plays that defined a season for the Steelers in his column. And is it any surprise that Ben Roethlisberger's tackle of Nick Harper is at the top of the list?

"Roethlisberger was the last player between Harper and what looked to be a freakish 93-yard scoring return that would have given the Colts a miraculous comeback victory against the Steelers," he writes. "But, he was able to stay with Harper and trip him at the Colts' 42, saving a touchdown that would have ranked as one of the most improbable playoff endings in NFL history."

Brian Baldinger at the Sporting News made an interesting observation about teams losing their edge at the wrong time as fatigue and the pressure to continue winning wears on them during a successful season.

"...The Colts looked like they might never lose. But when crunch time came, they couldn't get it done. They lost their edge," he wrote in his column.

Baldinger says Seattle's poor clock management, and subpar performance in the Super Bowl showed a similar collapse at the wrong time. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh had an edge that kept their fire stoked during their final 8-0 run that earned them the Lombardi Trophy.

"They were 7-5, losers of three straight games and on the verge of obscurity," Baldinger explains. "But they had to get to the brink before that urgency set in, much like the 2000 Ravens and 2001 Patriots did before they won championships."

"Edgerrin James says he doesn't expect the Indianapolis Colts to protect him from the free-agent market by offering a long-term deal. See, the Colts do have protection problems after all." -- Reggie Hayes, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

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