Colts Put Mueller on Back Burner

Princeton safety Brandon Mueller was supposed to represent the Colts as one of seven players in NFL Europe. But not anymore.

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An odd development out of Indy is the absence of defensive back Brandon Mueller from the roster. Mueller, a safety with real talent as a special teams player, was signed by the Colts in January and was designated for duty in NFL Europe. He was selected in the coaches' draft in the 19th round by Frankfurt to play for the Galaxy in March along with defensive lineman Justin Brown. Mueller was a non-roster invitee to last year's Colts mini-camp, but was not offered a contract.

For each of the players the Colts send to NFL Europe, they get a roster exemption, meaning that the player can stay on the roster up until the 53-man final roster cuts without counting against the team's player total. That comes in handy as not only does the player get extra time to be evaluated, but the team also has the luxury of extra players who can be plugged in as unexpected bumps and bruises sideline players during camp. 

The Colts recently withdrew their NFL Europe roster exemption request for Mueller, which means he won't be heading to the spring league after all. He was moved to a status of "Reserve/Future" for the club, putting his continued association with the Colts in limbo. We haven't been able to find out if the move was a result of Mueller deciding he didn't want to go to Europe, another problem on his end, or the Colts having second thoughts about him. ColtPower attempted to contact Mueller, but he did not reply to our request for an interview.

As a result, the Colts will have just six players heading to NFL Europe instead of seven. As we reported back on January 21st, that group includes CB/WR Eric Hill, C Mike Johnson, WR Roscoe Crosby, TE Joey Hawkins and LB Nick Hannah. If you missed our article on their team assignments from January 29th, click here to get caught up on where they'll be playing when the season kicks off on March 18th.

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