Williams Says Colts Offense Would Be Ideal

Find out what Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams had to say about playing for the Colts ... and another running back tells us that the Colts have talked to him this week.

Friday started off with a bang at the Combine as two running backs made comments about the Colts during their press conferences.

Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams said that while he understands that the Combine is business, he's making sure that he has fun with it. Williams looked fully at ease during his turn at the podium Friday morning, handling questions from the media with a broad, friendly smile.

He was even having fun while being crowded by the media at the podium.

But don't think that Williams is taking the Combine experience lightly. His answers were thoughtful, even if they were light-hearted at times -- and he's definitely here in Indianapolis to impress everyone he meets. He accomplished that with the media on Friday.

So far, Williams said the thrill of the Combine has been meeting the head coaches. He noted that he gets a bit nervous meeting these coaches face-to-face after seeing them on television for years.

When asked what he wanted all the teams to know about him, he joked, "That I'm 5'9, not 5'8 1/2."

Then, on a more serious note, he said that he wants them to know that he's an exciting player who wants to contribute to a team's success -- and be utilized.

Initially he said that he can't really tell who's interested in him, saying that "They all smile the same, they all ask you the same questions."

But when asked if he felt he would fit in well with the Colts, who may need to address the running back position through the draft, he said, "The Indianapolis Colts offense is ideal. It's similar to the spread offense…they use the Edge in the backfield, they ran the ball a lot, they'd swing him out of the backfield and he'd run routes."

And he also said it would make for a very special backfield for the Colts.

"It would be a Tennessee backfield because Peyton Manning's played at Tennessee and I played for Memphis, Tennessee," he said.

Williams said he hasn't talked to the Colts yet, but is hoping he will interview with them.

A running back who says he has talked to the Colts this week is Jerious Norwood. The Mississippi State running back also told the media that he's talked to the Vikings and Patriots and a few other teams.

Norwood came into the Combine at 5'11 and 210 pounds. Some believe he can't be an every down back at the pro level, but he feels has proven that he can do it based on the number of carries he handled during his senior year.

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